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Zorro Launches with $11.5M to Revolutionize Employee Health Benefits

What you should know:

ZoroA digital health Company that optimizes the healthcare experience for employees, employers and brokers announced its launch from stealth with an $11.5 million seed funding round co-led by Pitango And 10D.

– The process of providing employee benefits is complicated, opaque and onerous. For employers and agents, offering benefits often results in unpredictable budgets, endless administration, and a distraction from core business. For employees, health benefits are universal and all too often completely out of their control.

– Zorro plans to use the seed funding to further expand R&D efforts and scale customer operations.

How Zoro works

Zorro analyzes employers’ performance targets to create a top-down predictable budget and performance allowances per employee or group of employees. It also offers an end-to-end insurance management solution that offers a single, comprehensive platform that makes managing claims seamless and effective. In addition, Zorro acts as a financial companion, analyzing employees’ health needs, family situation, risk tolerance and other personal characteristics. It then generates a recommended service package consisting of health insurance, supplementary insurance, specialized digital health solutions and other value-added financial services.



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