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Unedited Real-World Footage From Detroit

Just days after Tesla released its 11.3.2 full self-driving beta, another Point update is rolling out. Luckily our neighbor is over there with her Detroit Tesla The YouTube channel was able to grab the latest update and run a long and unedited night test, followed by another in daylight.

We just shared Toni Ezeros Detroit Tesla Day and night tests with you guys last week. You may remember Toni was a FSD Beta Tester for some time and we appreciate his coverage as he tends to skip edits and just share the realities of the technology. If people want to test the technology, share the results Teslaand let the public know how it works, it has to be genuinely unedited footage, with all the positives and negatives.

Some commenters on Detroit Tesla’s previous videos noted that they also test Tesla’s FSD beta and that Toni’s videos really tell it how it is. One commenter said the tech works the same in his Tesla, which is refreshing to read as it seems some FSD beta testers have near-flawless tech, while others can barely use the driver assistance system without experiencing a lot of issues . Maybe it’s the way the footage is edited and presented. What do you think?

Anyway, Toni got the update and quickly hit the road, this time recording his night video first. He says the update appears to be a bugfix version, which makes sense considering it was released so quickly after the previous update. However, he adds that while it’s a minor update, it appears to fix the issues he’s been having with phantom braking recently.

Tony continues to share InsideEV’s that the updated system feels almost ready for a stable new release, although as usual it could use some tweaking to better adapt to some specific scenarios. It seems no matter how often Tesla updates the software, there are always edge cases. Furthermore, while there are typically signs of some progress, there are also steps in the wrong direction that need to be addressed by subsequent updates.

Words cannot do this type of reporting justice as all you really need to do is take the time to watch the technology at work and compare it to previous examples. We have embedded Detroit Tesla‘s “FSD Beta Version 11.3.3 First Impressions (Night Drive)” video at the top of the page. Below is the “Day Drive” with the same updated version.

After you’ve had a chance to check out the footage of the latest updates and also compare it to Toni’s previous FSD beta day and night rides (linked above), let us know what you found in the comments section below.



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