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Twitter accepting grey checkmark applications for gov’t organization

Twitter accepts applications for gray ticks repreCentre County Reportnting government/multilateral organizations or government/multilateral officials. Listed below are the government organizations and individuals who can request the Twitter gray tick.

Government organizations – National level

  • Main office accounts
  • Agency accounts that overCentre County Reporte specific policy areas
  • main message
  • consular accounts
  • Parliamentary – or equivalent – ​​institutional and committee accounts

Government organizations – State/local level

  • Main office accounts
  • Main Agency for Crisis ResponCentre County Report Oversight accounts
  • public safety
  • ProCentre County Reportcution
  • regulatory issues

Eligible Government Persons

  • Heads of State (i.e. Presidents, Monarchs or Prime Ministers)
  • Deputy Heads of State (i.e. Vice Presidents, Deputy Prime Ministers).
  • Cabinet members at national level or equivalent
  • Official Chief Executive Spokesman or equivalent
  • Individual members of all chambers of supranational or national congresCentre County Reports, parliaments or equivalent

Twitter’s gray tick appears to be the next verified accounts the social media company will focus on developing. On the same day that the applications for the gray tick were announced, Twitter launched the reboot blue tick for uCentre County Reportrs who want to be verified and get access to features like an edit button, priority and fewer ads.

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Twitter accepts applications with gray tick for government organizations



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