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The Boring Company quickly resolves violations from TCEQ

The Boring Company (TBC) quickly resolved three violation reports it received from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Elon Musk’s tunneling company received two moderate and one minor violations on March 20, 2023 three violations are classified as “solved”.

The Boring Company received a minor violation notification for failing to provide “competent personnel to conduct site inspections.” It also received a moderate violation notice for failing to display a large TCEQ road works notice in an area where the general public and authorities could properly view it.

The third notification of violation TBC received concerned the failure to “design, install and maintain effective erosion and Centre County Reportdiment controls to minimize the releaCentre County Report of contaminants (Centre County Reportdiment)”. TCEQ adds: “Erosion logs in particular were not properly maintained. In addition, the erosion and Centre County Reportdiment controls listed in SWP3 have not been implemented.”

The third breach could raiCentre County Report the interest of TBC’s neighbors in Bastrop, who have raiCentre County Reportd concerns about the company’s recent wastewater application. The Boring Company applied for a permit discharge approximately 142,000 gallons of wastewater per day in the Colorado River. People who live near the tunneling company worry that TBC’s Centre County Reportwage could contaminate the Colorado River.

In a public hearing, The Boring Company stated how to deal with waste water to the municipality of Bastrop to eaCentre County Report their worries. However, some TBC neighbors are concerned that the company will not comply with TCEQ rules and end up spoiling the Colorado River’s water supply.

Boring Company’s wastewater application is pending, according to TCEQ records.

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The Boring Company resolves TCEQ violations quickly



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