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The 2 Netflix documentary titles I can’t wait to watch next

Out of Waco: American Apocalypse To Gunther’s millions, Pamela, a love storyAnd Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street, Netflix has already brought us a ton of amazing documentaries this year — and the first quarter isn’t even over yet. I have to say, maybe it’s a function of getting older, but as time goes on (not to mention the more I cover of the streaming giant endless supply of new releases), I’m more attracted to documentaries like these than to new TV series, which may or may not make it past a season or two. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that when you have limited time and a limited amount of information to move on, I’m almost always happier after risking a Netflix documentary versus a new series or feature film . Different strokes, of course, right?

New Netflix documentaries

Right now, the two Netflix documentary titles we’ll take a closer look at below include one release coming next week and another coming to the streamer in April. Coincidentally, both are also related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Longest third date

This applies in particular to Longest third datea documentary is coming on 04/18 in which a couple – Khani Le and Matt Robertson – meet on the dating app Hinge and, as the title suggests, decide to do something spontaneous and crazy for their third date.

Longest third date on Netflix
Matt Robertson and Khani Le in Netflix’s Longest Third Date. Image source: Netflix

The couple decide to fly to Costa Rica, which already had all the makings of quite an adventure – and fate decided to add another complicating factor to the mix.

They arrived in March 2020 not knowing… well that they would be staying for a while thanks to COVID-related lockdowns making it impossible to go for any length of time. “The documentary chronicles the true story of two strangers’ journey to love during unprecedented times – a multi-month date that puts their compatibility to the ultimate test,” Netflix said of the documentary.

“Edited and produced from the extensive footage aspiring vlogger Matt captured during his experience, the film captures everything from the shock of both realizing they would be stranded in Costa Rica to cooking in quarantine to impromptu dance parties and the need to explain their circumstances to family and loved ones back home.”

Emergency: New York

As for that next Netflix documentary, it’s coming even earlier – next week, in fact.

The 8-part Netflix docuseries Emergency: New Yorkcoming from the makers of Netflix Lenox hillintroduces viewers to doctors, nurses and EMTs at multiple hospitals in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island – including Lenox Hill Downtown, Lenox Hill Hospital, North Shore University Hospital, Cohen Children’s Medical Center and the SkyHealth Helicopter Service on Long Island .

Emergency: NYC on Netflix
Mackenzie Labonte and her husband Lorey in the Netflix series “Emergency: NYC”. Image source: Netflix

There are 2.7 million emergency medical calls in New York City each year, the documentary explains at one point, and the aim here is to present the human stories behind a selection of those calls — including the stories of victims who also frantically rushed in Emergency rooms are driven by first responders and doctors running for their lives.

“At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City,” Netflix says of the upcoming series (coming on March 29th), “Hospitals were inundated with an onslaught of patients they often didn’t even have room for. However, as COVID-related emergencies decreased, trauma doctors faced a different wave of patients: patients whose condition deteriorated while stuck at home and those who were victims of violent crime, which increased after COVID restrictions were lifted .”



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