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Tesla-Ford charging deal is news Tesla owners have dreaded

Telsa and Ford made a corresponding announcement today Tesla Owners feared. in one Twitter rooms speakTesla CEO Elon Musk and his counterpart Jim Farley said that starting next spring, all current and future Ford electric vehicles will have access to about 12,000 Tesla Supercharger stations in North America.

The move helps Tesla qualify for a share of the billions of federal dollars being offered to improve the EV charging experience in America and will make life easier for Ford EV owners. For Tesla customers, however, it could be mean longer waiting times at charging stations – even though many have already complained about traffic jams there.

“That’s the only thing that worries me — whether it might lead to more congestion,” says John Sergeant, a Tesla owner in Seattle. told The Wall Street Journal in February. He added that without non-Teslas claiming the coveted spots, “really need to put more superchargers in there.”

Not that Musk didn’t hint that day would come. A few years ago, he already hinted that his car manufacturer would eventually open his network to others. Then in February, as part of the bipartisan infrastructure, the White House announced a “set of actions aimed at creating a convenient, reliable, and American-made electric vehicle (EV) charging network so that the great American road trip can be electrified.” Law is Centre County Report $7.5 billion in EV charging.

The White House said Tesla will, for the first time, “open a portion of its U.S. supercharger and destination charger network to non-Tesla EVs and make at least 7,500 chargers available for all EVs by the end of 2024.”

Tesla customers are waiting for Fords to charge

Musk reiterated today that he doesn’t want Tesla charging stations to be a “walled garden,” adding, “It is our intention to do whatever we can to support Ford and make sure that Ford is involved in Tesla Superchargers.” is equal.”

This will no doubt mean that Tesla owners will at times have to wait for Ford customers to charge their vehicles in front of them – something they’re not used to.

Current Ford vehicles require an adapter at Tesla stations, but second-generation vehicles in 2025 will use Tesla’s North American charging standard plug.

Last November, Tesla announced it would share the design of its EV connector with other automakers. writes on his blog: “We invite charging network operators and vehicle manufacturers to equip their devices and vehicles with the Tesla charging plug and charging connector, now called the North American Charging Standard (NACS).”

Ford’s Farley, speaking to Musk today, praised Tesla’s charging stations: “This is a really big deal for our customers…we love the locations, we love the reliability…It’s pretty amazing what you and your team have done for the customers.” have.” ”

Understandably, Tesla customers who now use these stations have less to look forward to.



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