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Take a Walk on the Beach




Have you ever thought deeply and thoughtfully while walking or hiking?

It happened to me one day some years ago when my best friend invited me to go for a walk on the beach near our house. It was a Sunday and I’d just spent a few hours sorting through emails left over from a work week. I was relieved to have at least 20 hours before I could return to work in New York City, which is nearly a two-hour commute each way from Long Island.

My schedule was hectic, but I had convinced myself it was manageable. After all, I had invested in a start-up for almost three years and was still relatively young. Putting 60-70 hours into a work week seemed reasonable enough. And it was the sheer excitement of being with a new company, opening new locations and developing a new approach to customer service.

Everything seemed so manageable.

We made our way to a beautiful beach near Northport, New York and stepped on the sand on a beautiful sunny day. The temperature was just right and walking together seemed almost perfect. For a while my friend walked with me in silence as we both noticed the shimmering water and the seagulls flying on the shore.

Then it came. My friend asked, “How do you think things are going?”

I readily replied, “Things are going great – work keeps me busy and I think I have just the right work-life balance.”

“And what does that mean for you?” came the answer.

“Well,” I said, “I take Sunday afternoons off and try to be helpful when I’m home. And I keep friends as much as I can.”

“And what about your personal relationships?”

My answer: “You work.”

Her answer shook me: “It’s hard for me to tell you that. Actually. I’m very sad to say it, but it doesn’t work for me.”

I looked at my wife, my best friend and partner for more than 25 years. I didn’t answer for more than a minute. My answer was well thought out and still didn’t quite hit the mark: “What does not work?”

She looked me in the eye and said, “You’re in control at work, aren’t you? She stopped and waved to each of us, and then to both of us together, and slowly said with her eyes, her heart, and her hands, “This – this ‘us’ doesn’t work – not the way you think.”

That conversation still haunts me and I am so grateful that the person closest to me had the courage to help me open my eyes. This walk was the catalyst for a change in my perspective and a dramatic change in my behavior. It grew out of a courageous conversation – one that was perhaps the most timely and meaningful I have ever experienced.

Everyone deserves a walk on the beach.

It’s not always about a job change or a new career path, but always about perspectives and the connection between heart and mind. And it can be done by asking yourself questions, or being lucky enough – and open-minded enough – to have someone ask you a few questions.

Have a bold conversation. With a business colleague, a dear friend or a life partner.

It might just create a shift in perspective that changes you.

Cultural change is a complex process

Understand it with actionable advice from frontline experts.

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Ancient Roman Coins Reveal the Existence of a Forgotten Roman Emperor




Picture by Paul Pearson, University College London

You may think you know yours Roman emperors, but do you recognize the face on the coin above? His name was Sponsian, or Sponsianus, and he lived in the middle of the third century. Or at least he did, according to certain theories: infinitesimally little is known about him, and indeed that very piece of gold (above) is the only evidence we have that he ever existed. Given that numismatists have long written off the coin as an 18th-century forgery, it’s possible that Emperor Sponsian could be an entirely apocryphal figure – but it’s become slightly less likely since the coin came under the electron microscope earlier this year .

“Using advanced imaging technology, the researchers said they found ‘deep micro-abrasion patterns’ that are ‘typically associated with coins that have been in circulation for an extended period of time’.” writes the New York Times“April Ruby.

“In addition, the researchers analyzed soil deposits and found evidence that the coin was buried for a long time before it was exhumed.” Even in detail they are “atypical” for forgeries of the 18th century. If this Sponsian money is fraudulent, then it is at least authentically old, or at least much older than has long been believed.

You can The published research paper can be found hereon his journal’s website PLUS ONE. Summarized results in the work, a University College London Site Notes: “The coin … was one of a handful of coins of the same design unearthed in 1713 in Transylvania, now Romania. They have been considered fakes since the mid-19th century due to their crude, odd design features and jumbled up inscriptions.” Accordingly Professor Paul N Pearson, the lead author of the research paper: “The scientific analysis of these ultra-rare coins saves the Emperor Sponsian from the darkness. Our evidence suggests he ruled Roman Dacia, an isolated gold-mining outpost, at a time when civil wars ravaged the Empire and marauding invaders overran the frontiers.” Jesper EricssonCurator at The Hunterian at the University of Glasgow, adds: “We hope that this [research] encourages further debate on Sponsian as a historical figure” and encourages further research on “coins related to [Sponsian] in other museums across Europe.”

Keep an eye on those Sponsianus Wikipedia page to learn more about this long-lost Roman Emperor.

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Based in Seoul, Colin Marshall writes and sendsts about cities, language and culture. His projects include the Substack newsletter books about cities, the book The stateless city: a stroll through 21st-century Los Angeles and the video series The city in the cinema. Follow him on Twitter at @colinmarshall or on Facebook.

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Synapson: French electronic duo release new album that lets you travel without moving





French electronic duo Synapson is the combination of two childhood friends: DJs/record producers Alexandre Chiere and Paul Cucuron. Since 2009 they have made a name for themselves with their unique soundscape, which draws on world music, hip-hop, house, funk and pop influences. Following the success of their 2020 album Global Musique Vol. 1, they are back with Vol. 2″ back. Chiere tells France 24’s Florence Villeminot what it was like to work with artists from all over the world and how Synapson’s music is a way of traveling without moving.

We also check out new releases from British rapper Stormzy, as well as a previously unreleased song by The Doors.

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23 Best Nike Cyber Monday Sale 2022: Save Big on All Things Swoosh




If you haven’t yet satisfied your hunger for new Swoosh gear this weekend, you’re in luck: the Nike Cyber ​​Monday Sale 2022 has officially arrived. Contrary to popular belief, the annual event isn’t just a way to dump Black Friday’s leftovers — at least not when the Portland-based sportswear juggernaut is involved. The Nike Cyber ​​Monday Sale is packed with new savings of up to 60% on a whole range of the brand’s genre-defining sneakers, sweatshirts, workout essentials and more. And if that’s not enough for you, you can also unlock it an additional 20% discount on all the stuff from Enter the code CYBER at checkout. So this time, really smash those holiday gift PRs (and treat yourself to something nice, too). To help you stick with your A-game, we’ve rounded up 23 of our favorite picks from the best the sale has to offer.

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