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Suresh Raina turns back the clock in Road Safety World Series with spectacular catch at point




Oftentimes, fans keep reminding themselves of certain players for their outstanding fielding skills, and if anyone charts them, Suresh Raina definitely sits in the top half. In the ongoing Road Safety World Series, Raina, by making a sharp catch there, told everyone he still had it.

The India Legends are currently playing the semi-finals of the ongoing Road Safety World Series against the Australia Legends in Raipur. At the time of writing, the game has been suspended due to rain. At this point, Australia Legends were 136/5 after 17 overs, with Cameron White and Brad Haddin leading.

During the 16th over of Australia’s innings, bowled by Abhimanyu Mithun, a stunning incident ensued in Raipur thanks to a superb field performance from the Indians Suresh Raina. The 35-year-old, known as one of India’s best outfield players of all-time, grabbed a superb jump catch to sack Ben Dunk, who hit dangerously with 46 of 26 balls.

Raina himself was delighted when he finished the catch, and his teammates immediately rushed to congratulate him. The entire stadium went berserk after seeing their beloved player fly and more importantly because he successfully took that.

Here’s Raina’s catch shared by broadcaster Colors Cineplex:

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Serbia vs Switzerland Prediction: World Cup | 02.12.2022




The top game in Group G on Friday evening is likely to come in the form of Serbia versus Switzerland. It’s a tie for both European nations as the team that takes three points is likely to finish second as Cameroon face Brazil in the final game.

Preview of the 2022 World Cup

Serbia and Switzerland go into their final Group G game in relatively good positions. Things are looking much better from a Swiss perspective, aware that a point is good enough to take them through to the next round. Switzerland’s only World Cup victory so far came in the opening game, when they narrowly defeated Cameroon 1-0.

In fact, this win is the only time a non-Brazil game has seen a Group G winner. The Swiss put up an excellent fight in their previous game but were narrowly denied a crucial point against Brazil in the closing stages. when Casemiro superbly fired the winner home. However, this seems like a good chance for them to reach the round of 16.

Serbia are currently bottom of Group G but they will be aware that a win in this game is likely to take them to the last 16 in Qatar. It was their own fault in the last game when they lost a 3-1 lead against Cameroon.

Defensive mistakes were evident throughout this game and they have now conceded more goals than any other team in Group G. Their record in the last group stage games at the World Cup is also extremely poor as Serbia lost their previous three.

Serbia vs Switzerland Head to Head

This is the second World Cup in a row in which Serbia and Switzerland meet. The 2018 World Cup clash was a dramatic affair as Switzerland won 2-1 and Xherdan Shaqiri scored the winning goal in the 90sth Minute.

Serbia vs Switzerland prediction

This is likely to be a close game between two equally talented teams. However, Switzerland have an excellent habit of making it out of the group stage at major tournaments and that experience could be key to this high-profile showdown. Therefore, we could see a draw between the European nations.

Make sure you bet on it Serbia vs Switzerland with 22Bet!

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World Cup 2022 Diary – Day 11: Mexico, Poland, France, and Denmark




Mexico's World Cup is over.

Mexico’s World Cup is over.
picture: Getty Images

Match of the day: Mexico 2-1 Saudi Arabia

It was a difficult slot choice as none of today’s four games were a fantastic display of sport on their own. But given the tension and drama they bore in relation to one another, it was one of the best prospects a World Cup can offer. For geeks like us, who have two TVs in the living room, that’s our reward, our justification, or our reason for being.

Anyway, Mexico are going home because they didn’t score the one more goal they needed. For the first time this tournament, and truly for the first time in a while, Mexico looked like a real attacking threat. Saudi Arabia attempted the same gambit they did against Argentina, at least initially, with an insanely high line behind their forward line in a center block that basically surrounded the center line, trying to condense play into a 10-15 yard range. But while Argentina is built on patient, complicated, short passes to work their way up, Mexico is more conditioned to playing direct, hitting balls and going over the top. And to be clear, Saudi Arabia’s ploy only worked against Argentina because Lautaro Martinez was maybe two centimeters offside. It was as much luck as cunning.

So Mexico created a wealth of chances but have been their bogeyman for most of the cycle, or at least since Raul Jimenez was injured two years ago they haven’t had a surefire striker. Jesus Corona’s injury before the tournament only exacerbated this problem, leaving Chucky Lozano as the only world-class player Attacker. It comes as no great shock that Mexico’s two goals in the second half came from set pieces.

Nonetheless, Mexico gave its fans a thrill, if only a cheap thrill in the end. As they threw most of the nation at the Saudi goal, they scored twice in five minutes, making both Group C games exciting. Thanks to Argentina’s 2-0 lead, Mexico and Poland’s aggregate goal difference was back to 0. Which meant Poland’s plan from there was tangled in their minds to score their own goal to capitalize on goal difference and at the same time to be Fear of giving Argentina more space to score again. Or they could sit still, try to bore Argentina to death and take their advantage in fair play points (yellow and red cards). Mexico’s attack was easier, scoring again against a Saudi side who were effectively eliminated. And if that didn’t work, there was hope Graham Zusi suddenly becoming Argentinian, substituting for Poland and getting out of trouble again. Neither happened.

Of course there was another twist. Saudi Arabia scored in injury time, pushing the goal difference battle back to Poland. But Mexico just needed one more goal because if they got it, they would go through on the goals scored. But they couldn’t find it and I think they can feel better if they’re eliminated on goal difference tie-break instead of fair play points as most of the second half was ready to send them on. Although most of us would have giggled forever and might have burst a kidney if Mexico ate it because they were some dirtier shit than Poland.

Other results

Argentina 2 – 0 Poland

As I said, Poland had their place in the knockout stages more in hand than they did anything for. Nobody expected Poland to try to take on Argentina with the ball and getting them to put you down and try to get on the counterattack is hardly a bad plan. It’s worked for someone in this tournament, after all. The whole point of this though is that you at least try Part 2 or even think about Part 2 or look like you know how Part 2 works or have ever tried Part 2 in the recent past.

Poland offered nothing in that game and Robert Lewandowski was so isolated from his teammates that he began painting a face on a volleyball. Poland could only nudge the ball in the direction they hoped Lewandowski would and if he could somehow achieve it, he would have to hold it up for three minutes before a teammate could get to him. This has been Poland in virtually every tournament they play in, which seems a shame as there are players here. They should be able to do more than just see if they cast a shadow outside of their own 18 every seven minutes.

Poland can thank its keeper for progressing. Wojciech Szczęsny looked like he could smash Tim Howard’s record for saves in a World Cup game, and he might have had to if Argentina hadn’t largely repelled the dogs in the last 10 minutes. He saved a Messi penalty that eliminated Poland from the group and made eight more saves.

The panic over Argentina was always exaggerated after the opening defeat. After all, Spain lost their first game in 2010. They were at the bottom of flashes deposited in a bottle and have grown into the last two games and are looking pretty sharp now. The first half against Mexico was terrible. The second half was better. The first half was against Poland pretty good, and the second half better. The big change today was that Martinez was taken out of the starting XI for Julian Alvarez and he responded with six shots and the second goal. Enzo Fernandez, Rodrigo De Paul and Alexis Mac Allister didn’t really have to do much in midfield considering how clumsy Poland were, but that’s a scary steel wall for the real teams later in the tournament.

France 0-1 Tunisia, Denmark 0-1 Australia

Similar to the shenanigans in Group C, there were two games in the morning that must be watched together in Group D. Neither was a great game in a vacuum. France sent the B team because they basically already had the group. Australia’s plan has always been the same, which is to work hard, defend and see what they can capture if the opportunity arises. Boy did they.

The headline here is that Denmark are eliminated after reaching the semi-finals of the European Championship just 16 months ago (and being awarded a very questionable penalty to knock them out). But they really can’t have any arguments because they looked bland for most of the tournament. Their hopes really depended on what they would do in the opener against Tunisia and they never really threatened. The Danes have always worried that they simply don’t have a forward or even a forward line that they can count on to take advantage of any chances they create.

And while Christian Eriksen is a wonderful story, as we said before, wonderful stories don’t win on their own. Australia didn’t find it too difficult to grapple with the Danish plan. They just always had one or two guys around Eriksen. Eriksen is not Luka Modric as he cannot dribble his way into space to then start his otherworldly vision and passing. He’s pretty stationary. Denmark didn’t have a plan B.

Without Eriksen at Euro, the Danes had to find different ways to score, whether it was raging full-backs or pushing Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg into a more attacking role or whatever. We basically haven’t seen any of that in this tournament and everyone is waiting for Eriksen to make things work. In a game they had to win against a very limited Aussie side, they only managed .65 xG and three shots on target. Compare that to Mexico, which amassed 11 in a similar situation.

But fair play to Australia, who knew what they were and did it to the max. They were hardly threatened by Denmark and took their only chance. And it turned out they needed that goal as Tunisia beat JV France. Only the most confused kangaroo would have given the Aussies six points in this group, but here we are. And hey, we get Videos like this.

Goal of the day: Well, they might be back on the plane, but Mexico got us covered this Luis Chavez free-kick. Dive in, my son:

Funeral speech for the deceased – Mexico

I’ll try to keep my joy about the U.S‘s greatest rival takes home his fluttering gums… and fails miserably. One wonders if Memo Ochoa still thinks the U.S want to see Mexico in the mirror now, dingus.

It’s not really a shock that Mexico are going home as they have been one of the least impressive Mexican sides in recent memory. As mentioned above, they had no significant striker, and Corona’s injury deprived her of a foil for Lozano at the other end. But this is Mexico and they should have more depth than seeing an injury leaving them with no answers.

We’ve seen them in four games against the U.S and Canada in qualifying. You didn’t win any of them. They scored a goal. In fact, they should have lost all four.

This will likely inspire a lot of self-reflection in Mexico, and it should. Mexico is arguably the third most populous country in the world where soccer is the main sport, behind Brazil and Nigeria. It has three times the population of Argentina. It has a very popular league. But either through their own silliness, or corruption, or arrogance, or a combination of all three, they have faltered. Mexico shouldn’t worry about reaching the quarterfinals as some sort of Valhalla. You should be worried about winning the damn thing. And they hadn’t been further from either in a very, very long time.

Saudi Arabia – They made their shot, they have a result that they will always remember, but you can’t beat Argentina and then look like you lost your limbs against Poland and expect to go through. Anyway, let’s have one last Right Said Fred moment before they go:

Saudi Arabia coach Herve Renard

Saudi Arabia coach Herve Renard
picture: AP

Denmark – Find a striker or just try to convince FIFA that Norway and Denmark are the same and let Erling Haaland run out there. It’s FIFA, it might just work.

Tunisia – Defeating France probably feels great for many reasons. At least they will have that.

Did Alexi Lalas say something stupid? He was still in the USMNT glow and we can’t blame him.

Did VAR mess something up? In the end it was a BALL DON’T LIE situation but the penalty against Argentina felt terribly soft. Yes, Szczesny caught Messi with his hands after Messi headed the ball in, but it was a light touch. We would like to thank Fox’s Mark Clattenburg for pointing out that it would be a foul for an outfield player to have caught Messi with his feet after playing the ball. Still feels very soft but once the referee is called on screen it feels like he’s being forced to change his call simply to justify the time taken. In the end it didn’t matter, thank God.

Shall we laugh at Mexico again? Let us…

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NBA: Grayson Allen breaks tie late to lift Bucks over Knicks




Grayson Allen #12 of the Milwaukee Bucks handles the ball during a game against the Houston Rockets at Fiserv Forum on October 22, 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

FILE — No. 12 Grayson Allen of the Milwaukee Bucks. Stacy Revere/Getty Images/AFP

Grayson Allen hit the tie 3-pointer by 30.9 seconds Wednesday night for the visiting Milwaukee Bucks, who outlasted the New York Knicks 109-103.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (37 points, 13 rebounds) hit a double-double and had 14 points in the fourth quarter before fouling at 1-0 for the Bucks, who have won three straight games. Jrue Holiday scored 22 points while Bobby Portis Jr. (10 points, 12 rebounds) added a double-double off the bench. Allen finished with 11 points and reserve Pat Connaughton had 10 points.

Mitchell Robinson (15 points, 20 rebounds) hit a double-double and finished a rebound off his career high for the Knicks, who have lost three of four. Their combined margin on those losses — to rival Bucks, Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies — is 13 points.

RJ Barrett scored 26 points while Julius Randle had 18 points and Jalen Brunson added 17 points.

Neither team led by more than seven points in a hard-fought game.

The Bucks led 74-71 by the end of the third. After teams traded baskets to open the fourth, Connaughton hit 3-point bookers and Antetokounmpo scored six points in the middle of a 10-6 run that gave the Bucks their widest lead, 86-79.

The Knicks came within three points or less eight times before going 103-103 in a 13-second sequence in the final minute when Robinson and Brunson each shared two free throws.

On the next drive down, Allen took a sneaky pass from Brook Lopez and dumped a 24-foot, despite Barrett having a hand to his face. Barrett missed a 3-pointer on the Knicks’ subsequent possession and New York couldn’t foul before the Bucks called a timeout with 13 seconds left.

The Knicks fouled twice after the timeout to put the Bucks in the bonus and Holiday finished the game with two free throws. Randle missed a layup and George Hill hit a free throw for the final point of the game.

Field-level media


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