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Recall Alert: Ford Bronco, Bronco Raptor Steering Can Lock

2022 Ford Bronco Raptorford started a recall for 343 bronco and 2022-2023 model year Bronco Raptor SUVs because their steering wheels can lock, preventing drivers from turning and potentially causing an accident. The recall affects 283 model year 2023 Bronco Wildtrak models and 60 model year 2022 Bronco Raptors.

Ford is telling the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that the SUVs may have cracked steering wheel ball nut retainers. The crack can cause the ball bearings in the steering assembly to shift and bind, causing the wheel to lock up.

Ford is aware of a warranty case, but no accidents related to the defect. A customer brought in a Raptor that had lost power steering assist and was making a grinding noise when turning. Technicians found the cracked nut upon examination.

Despite the scary-sounding nature of the problem, Ford hasn’t issued a stop-driving alert for the SUVs. But we would advise anyone whose Bronco is making a grinding noise when turning to stop using it immediately and contact their dealer.

Dealers will replace the entire steering gear to fix the problem. Recall repairs are always free.

Many cars are often recalled more than once during their lifetime. Automakers try to contact every owner, but don’t always reach everyone. Find out if your car has pending recalls with the simple VIN tool in our recall center.



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