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Ram Gives Dealers a Preview of Mid-Size EV Pickup Concept: Report

  • R.A.M. shared with dealers his idea of ​​a mid-size EV pickup concept.
  • The electric concept would reportedly share many visual traits with the 1500 Revolution concept (pictured above) that Ram showed at CES earlier this year.
  • The mid-size concept would fill a Dakota-shaped hole that has remained in the company’s lineup since the Dakota was discontinued in 2011.

Ram is preparing dealers for a possible mid-size EV pickup to be added to the lineup in the near future. The company showed dealers its ideas for a mid-size EV pickup concept at a meeting in Las Vegas, according to a report by Automotive News.

The new concept obviously shares much of its aesthetic with the full-size 1500 Revolution concept that Ram first unveiled at the CES tech show in January. Dealer Randy Dye described the concept as “the future” in a statement. Automotive News. “We’ll be there again [mid-size] game,” Dye told the publication. “Without a doubt, it looks like a ram,” he said.

Dye, who owns the Daytona Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram and Maserati Alfa Romeo of Daytona in Daytona Beach, Fla., explained the matter Automotive News that Stellantis representatives previewed 30 new products for multiple brands during the meeting. The meeting appeared to be the first of its kind in eight years for retailers, who were at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles before it merged with the PSA Group to create Stellantis.

Ram debuted the full-size 1500 Revolution concept with much excitement in January. The design was imaginative and innovative, with a highly configurable interior and third-row jump seats. But when the production version was unveiled a month later, many of the exciting features shown in the concept were gone. The foldable Midgate along with its integrated jump seats in the third row have seemingly been shelved.

A new mid-size EV pickup would likely be well received. Small and mid-size trucks from other manufacturers have been selling in large numbers in recent years, and Ram may be making up for the 11+ years without one since the Dakota was discontinued.

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