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Olivia Pratt-Korbel: Man, 34, arrested on suspicion of murder




Olivia Pratt-Korbel was shot in the chest at her home in Dovecot on August 22 (Image: PA)

A 34-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel.

Olivia was shot in the chest at her home in Dovecot, Liverpool, on August 22.

Her mother, Cheryl Korbel, 46, was also injured when a gunman chased his target, convicted burglar Joseph Nee, onto her property around 10 p.m.

Merseyside Police said Thursday night a local man was taken to a police station where he is being questioned by detectives.

Officials said the investigation into Olivia’s murder was ongoing and continued to appeal for information.

The force had already arrested nine other men as part of the investigation, but all had been released on bail.

The reward for finding the killer had been increased to £200,000.

Reward for finding killer increased to £200,000 (Image: Family Handout)

Announcing Crimestoppers’ largest single bounty offering last week, the charity’s founder and chairman Lord Ashcroft said: “This case has been incredibly shocking, not only for those directly involved but for Liverpool and the nation as a whole.

“I am delighted that Crimestoppers, with the support of a private donor, can now offer a record £200,000 for information to help catch Olivia’s killer.

“A precious young life has been lost, so we must make every effort to find those involved in this horrific murder.”

Police have also revealed that the two weapons used were a .38 revolver – the gun responsible for the killing of Olivia – and a 9mm Glock-type self-loading pistol, which was used in the early stages of the incident was fired.

Olivia’s mother Cheryl Korbel (centre) at the funeral for Olivia Pratt-Korbel (Image: PA)

Her funeral was held at St Margaret Mary’s Church in Knotty Ash earlier this month.

Pink ties, jackets, scarves and bows were worn by those attending the service after her family asked people to wear a “splash of pink”.

Ms. Korbel carried a pink teddy bear to the service where she said, “Liv touched the hearts of so many people and was loved and adored by all. She will never be forgotten.

“I’ll never say goodbye, but what I’ll say is good night, love you, see you tomorrow morning.”

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Lab worker killed colleague in ‘blind rage’ at feeling ‘humiliated by impotence’




Ross McCullum admits to strangling Megan Newborough and then cutting her throat but denies murder (Image: PA)

A lab worker who killed a colleague in “blind rage” has denied murdering her after feeling “humiliated” by his own sexual impotence.

Ross McCullum choked 23-year-old HR worker Megan Newborough and then slit her throat after inviting her to his Leicestershire home on August 6 last year.

He says he was triggered by memories of alleged sexual abuse involving oral sex. But John Cammegh KC, prosecutor, called his account a “bunch of lies”.

Jurors have heard the couple had a brief consensual “sexual encounter” in the woods the weekend before Ms Newborough’s death. After that, McCullum ordered tadalafil pills to treat erectile dysfunction over the internet.

Once they were delivered, he invited them to his home and Mr Cammegh said text messages between them showed he was “extraordinarily excited” about the visit.

The prosecutor challenged McCullum, who admits to strangling Ms Newborough and then cutting her throat, but denies murder, with what he saw as the real reason for his “assault”.

Mr Cammegh said: “I suggest you attacked her in a blind rage at being humiliated.

“Your penis didn’t work. You hate her for all the things she was and all the things you couldn’t be.’

Ross McCullum stands trial at Leicester Crown Court
McCullum has admitted to manslaughtering Ms Newborough (Image: PA)

McCullum replied: “When we were walking in the woods (the weekend before) I felt humiliated, did I strangle her there? no

“I would never do something so horrible just because I was humiliated,” he added.

Mr Cammegh then asked: “When you had your hands around her neck, did it turn you on when you strangled her to death?”

“No,” McCullum replied.

Turning to McCullum’s use of the knife, Mr Cammegh asked: “You tried to cut off her head, didn’t you, you tried to dismember her body?”

McCullum replied, “No, I didn’t mean to cut off her head.”

Mr Cammegh suggested McCullum had an old motorcycle helmet from his garage at home where he lived with his parents “to transport your head out of your house?”

McCullum replied, “The helmet was there because I wanted my father to see it to see if it was worth money.”

Court artist’s drawing of McCullum during his trial at Leicester Crown Court (Image: PA)

Turning to the events immediately following the killing of Ms Newborough, McCullum disputed Mr Cammegh’s claim when he asked: “I suggest you display a remarkable coolness and precision of mind in the choices and decisions you are making now?”

McCullum accepted getting sheets and “costume clothes” to mop up blood, collecting a change of clothes he “grabbed from the end of the railing” and then putting Mrs Newborough in her own car and driving from his house.

Before dumping Ms Newborough’s body in an alleyway near Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire, McCullum also said he “threw (her) phone out the window”.

CCTV footage then showed McCullum parking the Citroen on the Loughborough College campus, changing clothes – he can be seen looking around – and throwing items into a nearby container.

Mr Cammegh said: “Notice the methodical and careful way in which you change your clothes.”

When McCullum got home and got a taxi to drop him off at the end of his street, he accepted texting Mrs Newborough’s phone, which read: “Did you get back safe baby?”

Later that night, around 11.30pm, McCullum also accepted to leave Ms Newborough a voicemail, also played in court, which read: “They didn’t call back or text me or anything.

“Probably nothing, you probably fell asleep – I had a lot of fun earlier.”

‘Quite an achievement,’ said Mr Cammegh, who then asked him, ‘You acted with the utmost self-control and calculation. You were freezing, weren’t you?’

McCullum replied, “I wasn’t stone cold.”

He was then asked by Mr Cammegh why he was at home “masturbating to porn and – shall we say – trying to cut off her head just a few hours after he strangled her?”

McCullum replied: “I was feeling a little bit down.”

When asked if the reason he also followed internet links to killers Levi Bellfield, Peter Sutcliffe, and Ian Huntley was because he “took the idea of ​​joining their club,” McCullum replied, “No.”

The trial at Leicester Crown Court continues.

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Centre County Report letters, Dec 1: West’s want of China goods has lot to answer for




That got readers talking today (Image: Centre County

Arrests of lockdown protesters and journalists in Shanghai shocked the world, and one reader said the West was partly responsible for China’s growth into a “materially successful fascist” regime.

Increased trade with China since the Nixon era has allowed China to increase its vices towards Chinese citizens and economic influence over developing countries, while also being the main contributor to the climate crisis, he argues.

Elsewhere, the late guitarist Wilko Johnson’s talent continues to strike a chord among music fans.

Also, the jury is still out on the conundrum of whether UFOs and extraterrestrial life really exist.

Referring to another type of court, one reader said that 20 is way too young to be a tennis champion Emma Raducanu MBE to be made. Do they have a purpose?

Read on to see what else people are getting off their chest.

The US made a terrible decision to open trade with China

People in Shanghai are being silenced and jailed for protesting a 2022 Covid lockdown (Image: AP)

■ In China, protests continue against the country’s strict Covid lockdown regime. A journalist was arrested who was covering a demo (Subway, Wed).

US President Richard Nixon made the dreadful decision to open trade with China, ostensibly to “give her a hug” but really to get cheap consumer goods.

What is behind China’s rise to the monster it is today?

When I was there in 1973, a failing communist state was morphing into a materially successful fascist state, oppressing minorities, suppressing the freedoms of its citizens, and operating as a neo-colonial power in Africa, South America, and Asia.

And by producing the cheap goods we crave, it has become the world’s largest emitter of carbon. Nixon and our greed for cheap goods have a lot to answer for. Nigel Armistead, London

No uncomfortable feelings in the debate over the late Wilko Johnson’s strumming skills

■ Kevin from Suffolk (Centre County ReportTalk, MI) thinks I “know nothing about guitarists” because I read Martin’s letter in praise of Dr. Feelgoods Wilko Johnson found it “exuberant” the day before.

Kevin is clearly from the camp of girls who can’t play guitar. And as he suggested, I actually tried to learn Johnson’s Going Back Home – it took me a full five minutes to get it right. That’s nowhere near as long as it took me to learn Swedish virtuoso heavy metal guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen’s Far Beyond The Sun.

Let’s hear Kevin try that and he can report back in a year or so when he’s through the first few bars. Denise Gordon, London

Wilko Johnson from Dr. Feelgood died aged 75 (Image: Andrew Maccoll/REX/Shutterstock)

■ To a certain extent, I think I have to agree with Denise Gordon’s comment on my letter of praise for Wilko Johnson, who died on November 21 after a battle with cancer. I think my point, though, was how good Wilko’s stage presence was in small venues.

OK, a lot of his stuff is 12 bar strumming (albeit in a refined style) and technically he’ll never be as good as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Dave Gilmour or Eric Clapton etc. but for a live band in a small way Venue he was great.

By the way, I’ve never been called a “Gusher,” Denise, but you raise a good point – I guess my letter was a bit sickly. Anyway, no hard feelings. Martin Lawrence, South Croydon

Extraterrestrial life would be televised

■ Steve (Centre County ReportTalk, Wed) says people who don’t believe in UFOs are “small-minded”. If someone actually saw a UFO, then why didn’t they use this magical device known as a cell phone to record the footage?

You could not only refute all doubters, but also make a fortune. The truth is out there. Oh, and I can’t wait for Centre County Report to present the legendary X-Files duo alongside this comment! Mod, London

Are you a believer or a skeptic? (Image: REX)

Is an MBE at 20 too much too soon?

■ Well done Emma Raducanu on her MBE (Centre County Report, MI) but I can’t help but think it’s a bit early in her career for her tennis award services. She is 20 years old. P, Tyne and Wear

■ On the subject of who or not abbreviates their name to Mick or Mike, Dec (Centre County ReportTalk, Tue) says you’d never catch Michael Caine. That’s because Michael isn’t his real name. It’s Moritz. Thomas, Brighton

■ Here’s a quiz for Centre County Report readers on their morning commute. Name five cars named after an animal. There are about 50 so it won’t be too difficult. Richard Farrar, London

Emma Raducanu was made an MBE by King Charles III (Image: Paul Grover/Getty Images)

■ Well done to Lois Finch for saving her father’s life with CPR (Centre County Report, Wed). She said, “It was the first time I actually did anything.” And yet she’s a third-year nurse. Because the training to become a nurse now requires a degree, the degree is more theory than practice. In the time before the nursing studies, the nursing students completed more practice on the wards than theory in the classroom. I think the former is definitely better than the latter. Anna, London

■ While everyone else struggles to make ends meet, Conservatives are concerned their £46,000 annuity fee for Eton might not be exempt from VAT under Labor because it claims to be a ‘charity’. That says it all. Christopher Clayton, via email

■ Corrie’s Kevin Webster has worn the same purple bomber jacket on set for about 20 years. Can the cast buy him a new one for Christmas? Ollie C, Greenwich

And also…

■ Wales lost their first World Cup since 1958 after a 3-0 defeat by England (Centre County Report, Wed). Welsh fans have shown England fans that even when your team is losing, you can offer constructive criticism and praise their games and players rather than berate them.

It’s disgusting how some so-called English fans are behaving with their abuse. Let’s hope this World Cup doesn’t end up like the European Championship, with abuse against the black players who missed penalties against Italy. Korin, London

A Wales fan watches the game which the team lost 3-0 to England (Image: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty)

■ Kirk (Centre County ReportTalk, Mon) says London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (Ulez), which charges owners of the most polluting vehicles £12.50 a day, will penalize the less affluent. Yes, air quality in London is bad.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan would like us to believe he is doing something about it, but targeting the small proportion of older vehicles will (and has) made virtually no difference.

The real problem is the sheer volume of traffic, but Mr Khan doesn’t know what to do about it. The ulez is touted as a green policy, but the truth is that it’s better for the planet to keep an old car on the road than scrap it and build a new one. Nick, North London

■ With an increase in Atheism is the leading reason behind a decline in those who identify as Christian, according to the 2021 census (Centre County Report, Mi) It seems that being religious is fast becoming Britain’s new religion. Stefan Badham, Portsmouth

■ A chain optician is offering ear injections for £55 – a simple procedure once performed by GPs. Many older people are paying off and could be persuaded to buy expensive “hearing aids” in a commercial setting. Pauline, Warrington

Begin an SMS with VIEWS followed by your comment, name and city to 65700. Standard network charges apply. Or E-Mail [email protected] County Helpline for views: 020 3615 0600. Full T&Cs on Centre County Centre County Report is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organization. Comments may be edited for legality, clarity or space reasons.

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China pledges crackdown on ‘hostile forces’ after demonstrations




People protest during a demonstration against President Xi Jingping and the ruling Chinese Communist Party (Image: Shutterstock)

China’s ruling Communist Party has vowed to “tackle infiltration and sabotage activities by hostile forces” after the country’s largest street demonstrations in decades.

The statement comes amid a massive show of force by the security services to deter any further outcry against coronavirus restrictions.

While not directly addressing the protests, the statement is a reminder of the party’s determination to assert its rule under President Xi Jinping.

Hundreds of SUVs, vans and armored vehicles were parked along city streets yesterday while police and paramilitary forces conducted random ID checks.

They also searched people’s phones for photos, banned apps or other possible evidence that they had taken part in the demonstrations in several cities including Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai over the weekend.

The protests were sparked by anger over the deaths of at least ten people in a fire in far western China, raising questions about whether anti-Covid checks have blocked firefighters or victims trying to flee.

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