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Lisa Rinna Reveals if Family Would Film a Show, Talks RHOBH

PHOTOS: Lisa Rinna and family celebrate Delilah Hamlin's new single Calls Life after RHOBH "Heaven"Lisa also reveals if the family would do a reality show together and the

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Almost two months have passed since then Lisa Rina bowed The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after an eight-season run, and she hasn’t looked back.

Since her departureLisa has flown around the globe and participated in various fashion events and fashion weeks, offering fans a wealth of interesting fashion ensembles, which she did not have time to do during filming RHOBH.

“It was heaven, absolute heaven. I mean I’ve been to Paris and London and I’ve been able to travel and go to fashion shows. I’m really having the time of my life,” Lisa said Us weekly while promoting her partnership with Don Julio Tequila. “I’m having so much fun and this is all about fun and party time out. I mean it’s perfect. Couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Lisa also uses her well-deserved break to spend time with her famous family, including her husband, Harry Hamelinand her exemplary daughters, delilah Hamelin And amelie Hamelin.

Lisa and Harry have one of the longest marriages in the industry. According to Lisa, there’s no “secret recipe” (well, other than Harry’s famous Bolognese) to make their union work.

“There’s no really secret answer, other than that it just seems to work. We really are very opposites and I think opposites attract because Harry and I couldn’t be more different. And yet we get together and I think we really get a kick out of each other and have fun together,” Lisa said.

“I have my two girls [in town] right now, which is really fun,” Lisa told the outlet. “Amelia has been here for about a week. … I think my challenge is keeping up with both of them and their lives and their careers and that’s been a challenge because they’re just doing it so well and they’re everywhere. It was really fun.”

There was much to celebrate when Lisa attended the drop party for Delilah’s new single and music video “Nothing Lasts Forever” at the Hotel Ziggy in Hollywood last Saturday night.

The whole family was there including Harry and Amelia. The brood sipped cocktails and enjoyed the night’s celebrations.

Delilah posted a photo from the event on Instagram earlier this week and thanked everyone who supported her.

“So incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported me on this journey. From all my followers to my friends and family THANK YOU. I’m so excited for this new journey I’m on and hope to keep doing what I love. She captioned the post.

Lisa also shared a photo from the party supporting Delilah and gushed, “Celebrating the release of Delilah Belle’s new single Nothing Lasts Forever. 💕 #proud family”

Delilah’s celebration follows the model revealing it’s her suffered seizures while shooting the music video.

With so many events in her life, many fans have speculated that a new reality show could be on the horizon for Lisa and the family – something similar to her 2010 reality show, Harry loves Lisa. However, Lisa stated that she didn’t think the idea could be realized.

“Well, my goodness, I never say never. I never say never to anything. You just never know. I mean, everyone’s busy doing their own thing right now. Delilah releases her first song [‘Nothing Lasts Forever’], which is very exciting. And Amelia has her career all over the world and Harry keeps working Mayfair witches. So I couldn’t even get everyone together at that point,” Lisa concluded.



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