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Lisa Barlow on Alleged Business Debt, Meredith Rumor




RHOSLC's Lisa Barlow on alleged business debts Meredith said "Fed Half of New York," and Chat With Seth, Plus Mary's Final Text and Meredith and Jen's Friendship

Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose appeared side by side on Wednesday night See what’s happening livesubsequent to premiere episode the third season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

To Meredith Marks spoke a number of rumors against them on the show, including claims that she has slept with people for money and has outstanding business debt, Lisa fired back her former girlfriend while also looking back at her hot microphone momenther encounter with Seth Marksand her last interaction with former co-star Mary Cosby.

“It was ridiculous,” Lisa said of Meredith’s claims on the September 28 episode WWHL. “I think one thing I want to clarify is that we have an SCC filing for a newer company. It’s not Vida Tequila as implied, it’s another brand that we own. And actually I’m proud of the SCC registration. If you have any questions… just send me a DM.”

Whitney also spoke about Meredith’s allegations, saying that while she hadn’t heard that Lisa was “having an affair,” she had heard other “rumors about Lisa,” which will be shared in a future episode.

According to Lisa, who suggested that Meredith acted against her in retaliation for her hot microphone moment In season two, she didn’t immediately apologize for her tirade because she felt Meredith didn’t want it to.

“If we left the reunion, we all went to dinner and … at the end of the night before I left I went over to talk to her and she made it pretty clear not to do it so I just wanted her to Give space,” Lisa explained. “That’s why I left [Heather Gay] instead of her having a conversation first.”

But in the months since, Lisa Meredith has said what she said was nothing more than “hyperbolic statements.”

“I said it was all hyperbolic. It came from a place of pain, not hate, and I feel bad that she ever heard that,” Lisa admitted.

As for where it came from, Lisa said Jen told her that Meredith was “halfway from New York.”

“That came from Jens. She said it over and over again,” Lisa claimed. “In the van on the way to Zion, you can hear her say, ‘It’s not my fault your best friend is cheating on you,’ and then she said, ‘Ten friends, ten different lives’… In moments of anger, she kept saying it . ”

During Wednesday RHOSLC In Premiere, Lisa spoke briefly to Meredith’s husband Seth about the things that were said and expressed her regret while claiming it was her act out of injury because the cast had told her Meredith wasn’t her true friend.

“I just felt like I had to say something and Seth and I talked for a lot longer than I expected. But I’m glad I got to talk to him,” she said, noting that her own husband John BarlowShe “tries to stay out of as much as possible.”

When asked about Mary, Lisa confirmed that she hadn’t interacted with her since shortly after the conclusion of Season 2.

“After we were done, Mary sent me a super nice text and I was driving and I didn’t read it fast enough so she took it back,” Lisa revealed. “She literally said, ‘You didn’t have to be such a mean girl.’ I say, ‘I didn’t even get a chance to read it.’ But because it took me too long to answer, she thought it wasn’t an answer. I’m like, ‘I can’t text to drive and I really can’t read without my glasses.’”

On too WWHLLisa was asked if she would pursue a relationship with Jen’s husband, Sharrieff “Coach” Shahand their sons if She is sent to prison for their fraud crimes.

“I don’t really know Jen’s children but I think they do great things and when I see Coach I’m always super nice to him. He was great to me,” Lisa replied. Whitney said she would “be there for [Jen’s] children” if they “ever needed anything”.

“I thought she was going to fight to the end… I was really surprised that she made that request,” Lisa continued of Jen changes her plea to guilty in July before a pretrial hearing in New York.

And since the plea was filed, Lisa hasn’t heard from her co-star.

“I texted her [when she arrived in New York]…but it’s not my fault we don’t talk,” she explained.

As for Jen’s relationship with Meredith, Lisa said she was “totally surprised” to see the women form a bond in the middle of season three.

“If you watched last year’s Vail episode at all, Meredith was really upset that no one believed her of Jen’s wrongdoing and I literally felt like over the past year and a half I’ve been punished for trying to bring the two back together and facilitate another friendship with them,” Lisa explained. “After everything that was said in Vail, gleefully in the bath, everything she said in her closet, I was shocked.”

“It’s a relationship of convenience,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season three airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


Day Care Owner Pleads Guilty To Shooting Husband Accused Of Child Molestation




Shanteari Weems, a Baltimore-area daycare owner, has formally pleaded guilty to the shooting death of her husband, James Weems.

Shanteari will be sentenced in February

On Monday, Shanteari claimed responsibility for shooting James on July 21. CBS Baltimore She reportedly pleaded specifically guilty to armed aggravated assault and carrying an unlicensed firearm.

Shanteari was also initially charged with resisting arrest, possession of a firearm during a crime and assault with intent to kill. However, those charges will be dropped at their sentencing hearing, which will be announced on February 3rd CBS Baltimore.

The situation came after a dark accusation

The case quickly drew widespread public attention when it arose, and it is particularly related to a serious allegation made against James.

As we so far reported, Shanteari said she shot James after learning of allegations that he had molested scores of children at her daycare, the Kidz Kastle Child Development Center.

Shanteari’s attorney, Tony Garcia, spoke about the impact this disclosure had on his client. WBAL TV reports.

“She was confronted in a very emotional, momentary, shocking moment by the parents of the children her husband had abused. For leaving those kids, for letting those kids get hurt under her care, she has extreme, extreme regret.”

She eventually shot James in the neck and leg at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D.C., though he survived the ordeal. An investigation into the incident uncovered Shanteari’s plans to shoot James, as well as two handguns.

James awaits his day in court

Shortly after the shooting, James – a former police officer who retired in 2005 – was arrested Child sexual abuse charges.

He is reportedly still in police custody and it is currently unclear when he will be brought to justice.

Online support for Shanteari Weems continues to be good

Following reports of Shanteari’s guilty plea, we should note that the court of public opinion remains with her and calls for her release.

What are your thoughts on the Shanteari Weems case and do you think the justice system is failing you?

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REPORT: White Tiger To Appear In Marvel’s ‘Daredevil: Born Again’




The White Tiger comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to Daredevil: Reborn.

Daniel Richtmann reports that the White Tiger is set to appear in Marvel’s Disney Plus series Daredevil: Reborn. The Insider is the second person to claim the character will appear in the upcoming series daredevil Revival, with a recent report from Huge freakin robot Linking Jenna Ortega to the role. The cast remains unconfirmed at press time.

The White Tiger was created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist George Pérez, with the first iteration of the character, known as Hector Ayala, making its debut in the 1975s pages Kung Fu Deadly Hands #19. Since Hector there have been four other White Tigers, most recently his sister Ava.

The people behind the new Daredevil series

Little known Daredevil: Reborn, with plot details being kept under wraps, but the show’s 18-episode first season makes it Marvel’s biggest Disney Plus project to date. Matt Corman and Chris Ord are co-writing and producing the series for the streaming service Production is scheduled to begin early next year in NYC.

reborn supposed to be there the return of Matt Murdock’s best friend and business partner, Foggy Nelson, played by Elden Henson. Also earlier this year Deborah Ann Woll expressed their interest in reprising the role of Karen Page for the Disney Plus series. Karen and Foggy were two of the main characters of the original daredevil Series on Netflix, in collaboration with Matt.

Daredevil: Reborn is currently slated to premiere on Disney Plus in Spring 2024. Stay tuned in for the latest Born Again news and make sure you do Subscribe to Visit our YouTube channel for more content!

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Dramatic Body Camera Footage Shows Police Rescue Woman From Sinking Car After Driving Into Canal




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