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Left Freaks Out Over Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Epic New Feral Hog Hunting Ad




Everyone knows if there’s one thing the left hates more than anything, it’s the Second Amendment.

Enter Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and her epic new ad about boar hunting.

It’s just the latest in a collection of really clever Republican campaign ads. And it drives on the left crazy.

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Greene Hog Hunt

The video released Tuesday begins with Greene giving some cold, hard facts:

“We have skyrocketing inflation, lots of diesel fuel and the Democrats’ America-last policy. Democrats aren’t the only ones destroying farmers’ ability to put food on the table.”

The video then shows an overhead view of a wild boar running across open country. Greene continues, “We have wild boar destroying farmers’ fields. So we decided to go pig hunting.”

The next scene is Greene in a helicopter shooting at wild boar. According to a report by the Houston Chronicle, pigs if their population remains uncontrolled, causing “extensive damage to plants, animals, people and the economy of the state” by destroying farmland.

Greene then says, “Let’s help American farmers,” and then invites attendees on a “Pig Hunting Trip for 2 with MTG.” The contest includes “Round-trip airfare, ground transportation and accommodation!”

The ad ends with Greene saying, “Sign up below and let’s get in the chopper and go pig hunting!” Enter now and win!” The screen goes black with the words “SAVE AMERICA STOP COMMUNISM”.


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Left bead clutched

It didn’t take long for leftist media to attack. The Huffington Post apparently blamed Greene wanting to shoot democrats – here is her caption:

Marjorie Taylor Greene compares dems to pigs and wants to help shoot them

It was an attack Greene did not take lightly, and her reaction is a good part of why she is popular with America First Republicans.

Greene responded to the attack on Twitter:

And best of all, it took her more than one tweet to call the Huffington Post.

Greene also took a stand for her fellow Republicans.

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Liberal campaign ads just aren’t that much fun

Maybe it’s because they’re so preoccupied with Trump derangement syndrome or what restrooms to use, it’s hard to say, but Democratic campaign ads just aren’t as good as Republican ads.

A recent campaign ad by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis doesn’t just take advantage of the popularity of the new top gun Film that’s a great idea for a Navy veteran like him, but gives all conservatives some good rules of thumb about the media to remember.


Senator Rand Paul, while a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, opted for other types of guns.

To destroy the US tax code, Rand went to the Middle Ages – with fire, a wood chipper and a chainsaw.


But for now, at least, the 2022 TPIPAA (The Political Insider Political Ad Award) must go to none other than former President Donald Trump.

It will make you think, it will make you angry and you will wish it was 2024.

Without further adieu:

No wonder the left is constantly angry.

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A pharma millionaire is suing four hunters for $7 million, and the results will have a huge impact




campaign action

As The New York Times As reported on Saturday, the OnX app is at the center of the controversial case now being heard in Carbon County, Wyoming, for using the app by a Missouri bow hunter Bradly Cape planned how he would gain access to the public lands around Elk Mountain in Wyoming.

Knowing how irritable many landowners are to hunters trespassing on their property, Cape has identified an area of ​​”checkerboard” control. That is, the land is divided into mile-by-mile sections, half of which are public property and half private property, like the black and white squares on a chess board.

At one point on this checkerboard map, Eshelman controlled two squares that met at a corner. The other two squares were public property. Using OnX, Cape mapped the exact location and led three friends to walk around the corner from one public space to another. Not only did they not set foot on Eshelman’s land, they also crossed the territory of his possessions infinite small. Not a single state has laws against this “corner crossing,” which is common in areas where railroad companies were once granted public land to “open up” to the West.

Legally, Eshelman can’t put a fence across that corner. So instead he installed “Keep Out” signs at the corners of each of his squares, leaving only a few inches between them (a photo of the signs is in the Times Article). But on a return visit, the hunters, aware of the shields after scouting the site, brought back a specially constructed short ladder that allowed them to leap across the space between the shields.

As WyoFile Eshelman’s ranch manager reportedly spotted Cape’s group on the public property. After ranch employees harassed the hunters, including chasing them in pickup trucks driving Eshelman’s men across public lands, the manager, along with Wyoming Fish and Game, called the local sheriff to charge the hunters with criminal trespassing. Initially, officials from both agencies told this manager that they had not issued a trespassing charge for corner crossing. But days later, after the manager pressured local officials by reminding them of Eshelman’s importance in the district, another Fish and Game MP pressed charges.

Eshelman owns 23,277 acres near Elk Mountain, but when prosecuting this case for corner crossing, he attempted to block access to 1.6 million acres of public land.

The case went to court in April, with the local district attorney claiming someone was wanted for trespassing simply for violating “airspace” over private land (which would surely be news to the FAA). It was only about two hours before a local jury decided the whole thing was ridiculous and found the four men not guilty.

That should have been the end of the whole thing, but after not getting what he wanted in the criminal trespassing case, Eshelman pounced on the hunters with a civil suit “for causing millions of dollars in damage,” which is demanding not only compensation for this alleged damage, but also the payment of all legal fees, both criminal and civil, by the hunters. He’s seeking a staggering $7 million in damages for disturbing a few inches of air over his land.

As Donald Trump has demonstrated so many times, those rich enough can endlessly work the courts, using them both as a means of coercing others into submission and as a means of evading personal responsibility for anything. Hunting groups and other public-land access advocates have raised $110,000 to cover legal fees that threaten to wipe out the four hunters.

No matter how ridiculous this all seems, and no matter how fast the jury trial ends, Wyoming officials are convinced that the landowners will win in the end. According to a Republican attorney who used to work for the attorney general’s office, if the hunters win“It wouldn’t surprise me at all that legislators would come back and pass legislation stating corner crossing is illegal. If you win you lose and if you lose you lose.”

Although most people are unaware, this type of checkerboard control covers a large portion of the American West, and blocking access to public lands in this way would render equally vast areas completely inaccessible. The impact would extend far beyond a dopey pharmaceutical millionaire using his Wall Street earnings to snag some of Wyoming’s finest real estate.

The answer to a Wyoming law that says corner crossing is illegal is simply enough: a federal law that says it is. But Republicans are unlikely to allow such a law, even if every hunter in America is clamoring for it. Because for Republicans, when there’s a competition between middle-class hunters and wealthy landowners…it’s not even a competition.

Corresponding forbes, Eshelman made his millions when one of several pharmaceutical companies he was an executive at sold for $3.9 billion in 2011. “Eshelman personally made at least $160 million from the after-tax sale. FORBES estimates his fortune is worth at least $380 million. Eshelman declined to comment on his net worth or how much he made by selling his shares in any of his companies.”

Eshelman is a longtime supporter of conservative Republican politicians. According to WyoFile:

He has donated millions to conservative Republican candidates running for federal office. In the 2008 election cycle, according to Open Secrets, he pumped $5.5 million into, Eshelman’s tax-exempt “527” organization “founded primarily to influence a political election.”

Open Secrets lists Eshelman as the second-highest single donor to “Outside Money Organizations” in the 2010 election cycle with $6,359,660. His total contribution to Republican candidates for federal office is at least $28.5 million.

The Republican Party keeps hitting and pointing fingers at each other. The traditional media act like they didn’t totally screw it up when they predicted a “red wave” a few weeks ago. In tonight’s episode, Markos is joined by democratic political strategist Simon Rosenberg. Rosenberg was one of the few outsiders who, like Daily Kos, kept telling the world that these midterms were closer than was reported. The two are a bit pleased that they are right in their optimism about the 2022 midterm elections, and they offer their analysis of why Democratic candidates have been successful and how terrified the Republican Party is heading into 2024.

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Lindsey Graham Is Teaming Up With Elizabeth Warren To Regulate Twitter, Apple, Google, And Facebook




Sen. Lindsey Graham announced that he is working with Sen. Elizabeth Warren to introduce a digital regulatory commission to regulate social media companies.


Graham (R-SC) said on Fox News: “Big Tech, you can’t sue these people under Section 230, so there’s no regulatory system that works, so I’m going to unveil a digital regulatory commission that looks at social issues, media companies like Apple, Twitter and Google. We need a regulatory environment to control the abuse of power here, so I’m going to do that with Elizabeth Warren. They’re looking for something that can bring us together in Washington. Social media is out of control, it needs to be regulated in some way and I think that brings both parties together.”

Big Tech has gotten so out of hand that it has made Lindsey Graham and Elizabeth Warren (DMA) allies on the same issue.

Graham is right. Elon Musk’s only flaw was that he was so blatant about his abuse of power. Musk could be the last straw, forcing the government to crack down on social media companies.

There are too few people with too much power running a few giant social media companies. The abuse of power in social media must be combated.

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New York Assembly to Vote Against Seating Republican




“In an extremely rare move, the Democrat-led State Assembly is preparing to vote against including Republican assembly race winner Lester Chang in Brooklyn because he may not have moved to the district as requested a year before the election Law,” NY1 reports.

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