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Juxtapoz Magazine – Sweet Dreams & Beautiful Nightmares: Delisha @ Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles

Thinkspace Projects is honored to present delishas Sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares, on the walls of Gallery III. Delisha focuses on the “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER” and creates a range of childlike perspectives and narratives.

Influenced by the comics by Bill Watterson and Dr. Seuss, Delisha explores children’s dreams and nightmares, their potential and their sadness. She sees children as “little people who organize their emotions” and is able to convey their experiences in breathtaking ways, capturing the imaginations of all her viewers.

In this particular work, The BEAUTIFUL MONSTER acts as a security blanket to help us deal with life’s problems and block out the harshness of the world. It’s easier to tune out the judgment, abuse, neglect, and doubt while wrapped in the comfort of scarves. Manifesting from a cold world, A BEAUTIFUL MONSTER is also a reminder to embrace fear, for perhaps you will find solace in uncovering what is really there.”

About Delisha
Delisha currently resides on Chicago’s Westside, where she creates paintings with childlike perspectives and narratives. Inspired by Bill Watterson’s comics and the late great Dr. Seuss, Delisha is definitely doing it for the kids. She speaks of their dreams and nightmares, their potential and their sadness, and would rather see them as “little people organizing their feelings” rather than just “kids.” Her imagery of children and toys speaks in detail of those experiences that are hidden in the adult psyche; awakens the imagination in all of us.



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