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How Jeep’s off-road EV chargers compare to Rivian’s Network




possession of a jeep has the advantage of being able to drive both on-road and off-road. To accommodate its drivers, who tend to take roads less traveled, Jeep has released plans to introduce solar-powered EV chargers on popular off-road routes. Meanwhile, Rivian, a new favorite in the EV industry and anticipated competitor in the rugged SUV market, also plans to launch its own charging network for off-road enthusiasts. How do the two compare?

Jeep’s parent company Stellantis announced in March The rugged SUV automaker would install charging stations at Jeep Badge of Honor off-road trailheads to encourage the launch of its new one 4x plug-in hybrid.

Since then, we’ve learned more about Jeep’s electrification plans and how the company plans to take on incoming electric competitors such as the Rivanwho is also targeting the adventure vehicle crowd with his R1T EV truck and Electric SUV R1S.

Jeep unveiled its first fully electric vehicles Earlier this month, along with plans to “become a global leader in zero-emission SUVs.” The automaker will launch four all-electric SUVs by 2025, with launches in North America and Europe. Future Jeep electric vehicles include:

  • Jeep Wagoneer S EV
  • Jeep Recon EV
  • Jeep Avenger
  • Jeep Wrangler 4xe

However, as Tesla has proven, a convenient charging network for drivers is essential to alleviate range anxiety and encourage greater EV adoption. It’s a strategy that the majority of automakers avoided for some reason until recently.

2020, electr learned Rivian was Working on a charging network called Adventure Network, which the EV startup later revealed in full. Rivian’s Adventure Network is a series of fast-charging stations along popular routes and trails that allow Rivian EV owners to charge conveniently, similar to what Jeep plans to do. Let’s see how the two compare.

Jeep Rivian EV Chargers
Solar Powered EV Charger for Jeep Off-Road Vehicles Source: Stellantis

Jeep Solar Powered EV Chargers vs. Rivian Adventure Network

Speaking at the Detroit Auto Show, Jeep’s CEO said the automaker has been working with Electrify Americadeployed four Level 2 (240V) EV chargers on some of the most popular off-road trails including Moab, Utah, Big Bear, California and the famous 22-mile Rubicon Trail in Pollock Pines, California.

Electrify America is working with the automaker to deploy and power Jeep-branded EV chargers, which use either solar power or are grid-connected in the United States. Jeep claims these are part of the first 18 to be installed on “Badge of Honor” tracks.

Jeep owners can use a custom app (by Electrify America) to find the chargers and monitor their session.

Although any EV can use the chargers, Jeep 4xe owners can use the chargers for free. According to Electrify America, any solar charger can charge an electric vehicle at a maximum rate of 3.5 kW.

Jeep off-road chargers Rivian Adventure Network
number of chargers 18 3,500
Even level 2 level 3
Maximum Performance 3.5kW +200kW
Exclusive? no Yes (*see Rivian Waypoints)
apartment Yes Yes
Locations hiking trails Popular routes, trails and parks
Jeep Off-Road Chargers vs. Rivian Adventure Network

Meanwhile, Rivian plans to install over 3,500 fast chargers (level 3) across its 600 locations in North America for its adventure network. The EV startup will install chargers on off-road trails, in parks and other popular routes.

Rivians launched his first DC Fast charging stations in June, starting in Colorado and California. Adventure Network chargers are powered by 100% renewable energy and deliver over 200kW of charging power.

According to Rivian, the fast chargers will be exclusive to Rivian owners, but will also offer them Rivian waypoints, a range of Tier 2 chargers designed for every electric vehicle. Owners can find Adventure Network chargers through the Rivian app.

Electrek’s take

As an EV enthusiast who also enjoys occasional off-road driving, these charging networks are essential to boost EV adoption. As batteries advance, we will be able to push electric vehicles much further into the unknown than their gas-powered counterparts.

Until then, accessible chargers are essential in both populated and less traveled locations.

Although Rivian’s Adventure Network is much more advanced and practical at this point, Jeep is at least doing something to try to convert its user base to electric vehicles.

It’s fun to see both legacy and startup automakers taking a page from Tesla’s playbook and building a network that caters to the needs of its drivers. Tesla is building a nationwide network of superchargers, while Jeep and Rivian are targeting those EV drivers who want to get off the road with convenient chargers for charging.

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Electric Vehicle

NIO Installs First Battery Swap Station In Germany




The first NIO battery changing station for electric cars in Germany was officially put into operation before the NIO ET7 model is launched later this year.

The train station is in Zusmarshausen in southern Germany on the A8 motorway between Munich and Stuttgart.

We believe this is the case the station shown earlier this month Leave the NIO Power Europe plant in Hungary. Along with two stations installed in Norway (one in January and one in August), there are currently three in Europe.

By the end of 2025, NIO wants to install over 4,000 such stationsincluding about 1,000 outside of China.

For reference, the company has already installed more than 1,100 stations in China (for a total of over 238,000 cars delivered to date).

Battery changing stations are a special feature of NEVER Let’s note that the company has also installed over 1,000 fast charging stations with more than 5,360 individual booths and over 870 target charging stations (AC, normal charging speed) with about 5,470 individual booths.

Currently, all NIO electric car models are compatible with the battery swapping stations, as the company uses a standardized battery pack (external) with two capacity levels (a third one is in preparation).

As battery technology improves, the company will likely simply upgrade the battery capacity by using new modules to maintain pack compatibility.

It happened back in China in 2021 when A new standard range 75kWh hybrid cell (NCM/LFP) battery pack replaced the previous 70kWh capacity NCM pack.

The other type is 100kWh (Type NCM 811), while a high-end 150kWh version is likely to be launched in the future.

The NIOs Second generation Power Swap Station 2.0, introduced in April 2021, is quite capable of being used once every few minutes. In theory, it should allow to quickly replenish range and continue long-distance travel.

The 2.0 system has a total of 14 battery slots – 13 battery packs (up from 5 in the 1.0 version) and an empty slot to hold a discharged battery (or an old previous generation battery when upgrading). According to NIO, they’re capable of up to 312 battery changes per day (24 hours), which would mean 4.6 minutes, or nearly 277 seconds, per change (including automated parking).

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Tesla sales grew 63% year-over-year in September




TrueCar releaCentre County Reportd its estimates for September and expects Tesla sales to riCentre County Report 63.4% year over year.

TrueCar estimates car sales every month, and this month they estimate that Tesla will increaCentre County Report sales by 63% compared to the same period last year. However, TrueCarr doesn’t rank Tesla as the fastest growing automaker in September; That honor goes to General Motors.

According to estimates by TrueCar General Motors increaCentre County Reportd sales by 74.2% compared to the same period last year. Additionally, General Motors is expected to be the largest automaker by US sales in September, reaching nearly 200,000 units. Tesla follows in Centre County Reportcond place for sales growth, while Volkswagen ranks third with year-over-year sales growth of 31.9% and a little over 50,000 total sales in September.

Truecar September 2023 estimates

Photo credit: TrueCar

Honda is again the fastest-declining automaker in US sales, down -15.3% compared to September last year, followed by Stellantis at -3.6% and Ford at -3.3% year-on-year . There are likely a variety of issues affecting theCentre County Report downtrends. Ford has already announced the drop in sales this month due to supply shortages, but also resource availability and many automakers rushing to deliver electric vehicles to Europe also impacted sales.

Other estimates include an increaCentre County Report in new car sales (13% yoy), a decline in uCentre County Reportd car sales (-11% yoy) and a 6% higher average Centre County Reportlling price yoy. This suggests that supply chains are improving and demand for many of the country’s most popular vehicles remains high.

TrueCar doesn’t releaCentre County Report EV-specific stats, but with Tesla’s continued sales surge in September, U.S. EV sales should also be up year-over-year. Investors will likely have to wait until the end of the quarter for more accurate revenue breakdowns. This is especially true for automakers who chooCentre County Report to provide quarterly sales data rather than monthly.

What do you think of the article? Do you have any comments, questions or concerns? Email me at [email protected] County You can also reach me on Twitter @WilliamWritin. If you have any news tips, email us at [email protected] County!

Tesla sales up 63% year over year in September

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Tesla Cybertruck is going to be ‘waterproof enough’ to cross rivers




Elon Musk says Tesla Cybertruck will be “waterproof enough” to cross rivers and serve as a boat for a short time.

It looks like Musk was reading electr this morning when we reported about it the world’s first all-electric amphibious 8×8 XTV vehicle because he was quick to announce that the Tesla Cybertruck will be pretty much amphibious.

The Tesla CEO announced on Twitter today:

Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to temporarily serve as a boat, allowing it to cross rivers, lakes, and even seas that aren’t too choppy.

Musk added that the goal is for a cybertruck to be able to cross the water between SpaceX’s starbase and South Padre Island in Texas:

Must be able to get to South Padre Island from the starbase, which requires crossing the channel.

This would mean that the Cybertruck would need to be able to travel about 360 meters (1,100 feet) in the water, which is the shortest distance in the Brazos-Santiago pass that separates the island and where Starbase is located:

This isn’t the first time Musk has spoken of Tesla vehicles being used as boats.

A few years ago, the CEO said the Model S could almost be used as a boat after that A Tesla Model S was spotted driving (or swimming) through a flooded tunnel – although the CEO has clarified that this is not recommended.

In 2020 he said that Humans could turn the Cybertruck into a boatand some plan to take that to a whole new level.

We previously reported on a developing company a conversion kit that can quickly turn a cybertruck into a catamaranpictured above.

But now it sounds like the Cybertruck will get stuck with undercarriage that’s “waterproof enough” to swim, and with the wheels propelling you should be able to get around slowly in calm water.

Anyone looking forward to the Cybertruck as an off-road vehicle will be happy to know that a little water shouldn’t make them too nervous.

The Tesla Cybertruck is scheduled to go into production at Gigafactory Texas in mid-2023.

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