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Herefordshire: Alien spotted in market town Leominster | UK News

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Unlike in disaster movies, the aliens reportedly chose not to land in Los Angeles or New York, but in a small market town in Herefordshire.

In Leominster, home to around 12,000 people, an alien life form appeared, apparently a pale creature with huge, dark eyes.

The life form has been seen in videos appearing alongside the principal, mayor and a Rotary club boss, and may have asked a resident to be taken to city guides.

The obvious extraterrestrial had, the Hereford Times reported, also made it onto CCTV footage. But it’s not the first time it hasn’t come down to a call to Nasa, as the sightings are actually a ruse staged by a local charity to encourage a fun run.

An ‘alien’ has been spotted on CCTV across Herefordshire (Image: Facebook/Echo)
The alien appears to be working with local charity Echo to promote an upcoming fun run (Image: Facebook/Echo)
Echo bosses said people “can decide for themselves” whether the sightings are evidence of extraterrestrial activity (Image: Echo)

The Herefordshire-based independent organization Echo released the footage to promote their Alien Colourfest – a fundraiser where paint is thrown at runners on a course.

Penny Weir, a fundraiser, told Reported Medias that readers could decide for themselves whether the alien was evidence of extraterrestrial life in the city.

“People have been wonderful in supporting the event, which is part of the Leominster Festival,” she said. “Many children and families are involved.”

Echo raises money to support community organizations and projects for people with moderate or severe learning disabilities. The color run takes place on Saturday, May 27th.

Ian Pedrick, President of Leominster Rotary, said in a Facebook video: “This is a colorful fun run for the whole family.” There is great fun and entertainment…Your participation will help Echo provide funds to continue its work of day services for people with disabilities.”

The creature then greets Mr. Pedrick, who then says to the camera, “Remember, there are no aliens.”

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