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Featured Artist Robin Zygelman | Centre County Report

Robin Zygelman presents a stunning selection of photographs that stimulate the eye and the imagination. They visit website to see more of her work.

Cherry blossoms in the rain

Photograph “Cherry Blossoms in the Rain”, various sizes

I grew up in West Islip, Long Island and have spent the last decade taking pictures in Boca Raton, Florida. When I was in my twenties, I took a darkroom course at the New School in New York City. That’s where my love for photography was born.

Photo of character behind blue screen

Photograph “Elegant Emergence”, various sizes

After a successful career in the publishing and media industry and raising my two children, I have rediscovered my passion four decades later. My friend taught me digital photography during a trip to Italy. As soon as I returned home, I signed up for classes at a local community center.

Art photo of a door with reflections

Photograph “Those Who Walk Through These Doors”, various sizes

In light of the pandemic, I’ve switched to Zoom for weekly photo reviews with The Art of International Photography.

Photo of an African Maasai woman

Photograph “The Maasai Ladies”, various sizes

Photography is the lens through which I navigate and interpret the world. I consider myself a visual storyteller and take my camera with me everywhere (even if it annoys my family). I’m looking for captivating moments where I can capture stories in an image. I’m a pet sitter by day, which allows me to pursue my passion of photographing inspiring people with all the time I have available.

Photo of a person dancing at the Taj Mahal

Dancer at the Taj photograph, various sizes

The heart of my work celebrates humanity. I constantly strive to connect with strangers, learn their stories, and appreciate their uniqueness in a photo.

Dramatic photo of sand pouring through hands

“Sands of Time” photograph, various sizes

As an avid traveler, I love to visit new places. I want to see how people live, celebrate, pray and just go about their daily lives. I especially love photographing cultural events, performance art, local festivals and pride parades. There I can capture the self-expression, love and power that is on display.

Black boots on colorful pavement

Photograph “Stomping in puddles”, various sizes

My goal is to share my vision with room for interpretation so viewers can create their own stories from their personal perspectives. I hope my art conveys the joyful elements of humanity and represents individuals with honesty and integrity. When my photographs can touch a viewer on a soulful, positive level, I’m happy.

Photograph of the sunset at Trulli, Italy

Photograph “Trulli at Sunset”, various sizes

Now I can pursue my craft and follow my dream of photographing fascinating people and scenes that catch my eye. I believe I am a work in progress and will spend the rest of my life learning and growing as a visual artist.

European landscape photography

Nyhavn Stories photograph, various sizes

I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoyed collecting them.

Robin Zygelman invites you to follow her Facebook And Instagram.

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