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Charged EVs | Speed through regulatory challenges of connecting EVs and EVSE to the grid (Webinar)

The addition of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) to the EV market adds an additional layer of complexity to the already diverse and ever-evolving global compliance requirements/standards for Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI). For example, in addition to complying with EV charging standards, OEMs now need to ensure compliance with connection requirements and compatibility with local grids.

The free webinar Presented by Keysight at our spring virtual conference (April 17-20, 2023), the design and testing challenges involved and ways to solve them will be explored.

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Additional sessions at our Spring Virtual Conference include:

Fulfillment of new requirements for high-voltage charging couplers for electric vehicles

EV charging infrastructure continues to experience rapid growth, with a significant portion being faster and more powerful DC chargers. With faster charging comes the requirement for higher duty cycles for all components within the charger. Designers and manufacturers evaluate and improve the robustness of all components, including controllers, electronic assemblies, cables and couplings. The coupler connector in particular will benefit from materials that can withstand high wear cycles in exposed environments over the operational life of the charger.

The webinarpresented by Umicore Galvanotechnik GmbH, will introduce and describe a new low-friction, highly wear-resistant silver composite material for coupling connectors.

Reserve your spot – it’s free!

The full session schedule for the Spring Virtual Conference on EV Engineering can be found here.

Conference content will be streamed live April 17-20, 2023 and will cover the EV technology supply chain and ecosystem, including design and manufacturing of motor and power electronics, cell development, battery systems, testing, powertrains, thermal management, circuit protection, wires and cables , EMI/EMC and more.



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