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Boosie Says Netflix Should Remove The New Series Based On Jeffrey Dahmer




Many people around the world have been talking about the new Netflix series”Monsters: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer.” However, some people believe the series should be pulled from the streaming service, including boosiewho took to Twitter to express his thoughts.

On Thursday, Boosie tweeted out,

As black people, we should boycott Jeffery Dahmer’s film What he did to our black kids is sick as hell #NETFLIX PUT THIS FILM DOWN, HIS DISEASE.”

He later followed up with a video reiterating those sentiments, saying:

“We black people must ban this Jeffrey Dahmer film. This is some sick shit. What he did to our race, that’s some sick shit. We need to boycott this damn movie from Netflix. That is sick. Victims’ families should be paid out of every dollar Netflix has made.”

For those unfamiliar with the Netflix series, it stars Evan Peters, who portrays serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

The series examines the stories of the victims sadly murdered by Dahmer in Wisconsin. Dahmer murdered 17 boys and gay men. He was eventually charged with the murders he committed and sentenced to life imprisonment. He later died in prison after being beaten by another inmate.

As previously reported, Rick Ross became the talk of the town on social media earlier this week when he tweeted, “Find me a pair of those Dahmer sunglasses.”

The entire series has sparked conversation on social media, as viewers noted that race played a major factor in why Jeffrey Dahmer was able to murder multiple people before he was caught.

Roommate what do you think?

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor relives waking nightmare of sleep paralysis




Sophie, pictured with husband Richard Jones from The Feeling, has spoken out about her struggles with sleep paralysis (Image: Shutterstock)

Sophie Ellis-Bextor says life was anything but a dream when she was battling sleep paralysis.

In an exclusive interview with Guilty Pleasures, the Hypnotized singer shed light on the condition, a temporary inability to move or sometimes speak right after waking up.

“People used to interpret it as poltergeists because [you feel] They are being held,” explained Sophie, 43.

“You should keep your body still so you don’t get up and act out your dreams.

‘[But] Sometimes they happen out of order, so you wake up first, but your body is still, still, and you can’t move.

“It’s not very pretty because your breathing stays the same, your breathing is shallow, you can’t make sounds… it’s like someone has to unlock you.”

The singer also denied rumors that he “turned down that song” (Image: Getty Images)

Mum-of-three Sophie, married to The Feeling’s Richard Jones, added: “The scariest part was when I didn’t know what it was.”

Meanwhile, the chart-topping star wants to bust persistent rumors that she turned down Can’t Get You Out of My Head before it became a 2001 hit for Kylie Minogue.

“There was always this myth that haunted me, the fact that I supposedly turned it down [that song]. But it’s not true. I never did,’ she clarified.

Back with new album Kitchen Disco (Live at the London Palladium), out now, Sophie recalled her biggest mishap mid-perform after stepping on an unstable stage.

Sophie’s new album, Kitchen Disco (Live at the London Palladium), is out now (Image: WireImage)

“I thought I could step on it, and then when I did step on it, it was actually a table turned upside down and balanced on two chairs. It scraped my shins,’ she winced.

“When you hurt yourself in public, you have two choices: you either decide, ‘That was the most painful thing that has ever happened to me, don’t laugh!'” or “It’s fine, thanks” while you’re in you’re a ball of pain I decided to take the last option.”

Sophie continued: “My real baptism of fire was my third album [Trip the Light Fantastic came out]… it was New Year’s Eve, BBC, Somerset House, just after the fireworks, 10 million viewers and they gave me the wrong mic.

“My mic went into the previous artist’s monitors, so I couldn’t hear myself… it was like singing with the headphones on. I couldn’t hear myself at all. That was pretty bad!’

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Did Marvel confirm a big leak about Harrison Ford’s character in Thunderbolts?




Harrison Ford is Marvel’s latest major addition to the MCU’s roster of hot talent. The actor will play Thunderbolt Ross, replacing the late William Hurt, who portrayed the politician-turned-military in various MCU adventures.

Ford will make its MCU debut in Captain America: New World Orderalthough we expect the character to appear in thunderbolts and other MCU Phase 5 and 6 adventures. That’s because we also expect Harrison Ford to become Red Hulk in the MCU, and he’ll be a leader of the Thunderbolts.

These aren’t major Thunderbolt Ross spoilers. Eventually, Ross becomes Red Hulk in the comics. And he will be involved in the formation of the Thunderbolts team. After all, Ross and the group share the same nickname. but We’ll cover some real spoilers in a moment below as we dissect the recent rumors and explain how Marvel may have inadvertently confirmed it all. You might want to avoid the following if you want to avoid Marvel spoilers.

Is Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross the US President in the MCU?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever dropped a massive reveal about the MCU. Val (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is the ex-wife of Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) and the current head of the CIA. She’s wild and wants Wakanda’s vibranium, a sentiment the US President might share.

We know from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Black widow that Val recruited the Thunderbolts. But she can’t do it alone, as the US President will likely need to approve plans for covert operations like this. If you were already thinking that Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross might be the president who will be overseeing such programs, then you would be wondering, and rightly so.

We last saw Secretary Ross at the end of endgame, while attending the memorial service for Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). Ross’ appearance in Black widow is before the events of endgame on the MCU timelinesince this story is a prequel.

Could Ross have become president since then? Anything is possible in the MCU, but coincidentally, that’s what an insider recently claimed Thunderbolt Ross would be President in New world order.

Because of this, it makes sense to assume that Ross will oversee the formation of the Thunderbolts team, with Val actually leading the team for now.

How Marvel might have confirmed this big MCU rumor

Imagine if the Red Hulk were also the US President and the leader of the Thunderbolts. That’s certainly an exciting prospect, but one that we can’t verify. However, we may know how Thunderbolt Ross will become president, and it’s all thanks to another MCU leak that may have been confirmed by Marvel Secret invasion Follower.

First of all, a number of Secret invasion Set photos that made it to Instagram in early March suggested Dermot Mulroney would be playing President Ritson DisneyPlus tv show. Thunderbolt Ross is not mentioned in this context.

Leaked set photo of Secret Invasion.Image source: Instagram

But the set photo leak shows a newspaper mentioning President Ritson alongside James Rhodes (Don Cheadle). The President will be in London for emergency talks after “unprecedented tensions”.

Mulroney avoided questions about his MCU role in interviews. And the connection to Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross is still unclear. But that brings us to the first Secret invasion Follower. At the end there is a scene where a helicopter fires missiles at a motorcade. And the camera catches a glimpse of someone in the cars about to explode.

It looks like President Ritson is about to be attacked Secret invasion. We have no idea what happens next, but here’s where we’ll speculate that Mulroney’s MCU career might be short-lived. The President could die or be significantly incapacitated during the attack.

Car attack scene from the first Secret Invasion trailer.
Car attack scene from the first Secret Invasion trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

This opens the door for Thunderbolt Ross to become President. What’s clear is that Marvel could have inadvertently confirmed this big Harrison Ford rumor even before it was announced that Thunderbolt Ross would become US President in today’s MCU.

Of course, we could be wrong when we put these rumors together. But the story certainly fits. And to make Thunderbolt Ross one of the most influential people in the world before His becoming Red Hulk would certainly be an exciting development for the character.

More Marvel coverage: For more MCU news, visit our Marvel guide.

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James Cameron has plans for Avatar 6 and 7




Avatar 6, James Cameron

Although James Cameron avatar continues to reign as the highest-grossing film of all time, viewers have been asking if they really want a sequel, but if the franchise does well, we could see even more sequels, up to avatar 6 and 7.

The release of Avatar: The Way of Water is almost upon us, and avatar 3 is Almost finishedbut if the first avatar Sequel isn’t as successful as it needs to be, Cameron has said the franchise could be coming to an end close with the third movie. If the sequels do take off, Cameron will be ready. He has already started principal photography avatar 4 and has avatar 5 work in progress, but that might not be the end of the story. James Cameron recently told it THR that he has plans avatar 6 and 7 when there is a demand for them. “then I would be 89‘ Cameron said. “Obviously I won’t be able to make it avatar Movies indefinitely, the amount of energy required. I would have to teach someone how to do it because I don’t care how smart you are as a director, you don’t know how to do it.

James Cameron is obviously willing to expand on that avatar Big-Scale Franchises, But What About TV? He doesn’t think avatar TV series is possible at the moment, but maybe it will be in the future. “The problem with these CG characters is that they are so costly and labor intensive that it really doesn’t work for TV,‘ Cameron said. “Now come back 10 years from now with lots of deep machine learning. Adding it to our pipeline, which we hope to do over time. We could maybe get to a TV program, but I’m not interested in it at the moment.

The long-awaited release of the first avatar Sequel is now less than a month away. Set more than a decade after the events of the first film Avatar: The Way of Water tells the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their children), the troubles that follow them, the struggles they make to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive and the tragedies they must endure. Avatar: The Way of Water will come to the cinemas December 16th.

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