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Apple Watch Series 9: Rumors, release date, price, specs, more

Later this year, Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 9. After years of minor upgrades to its smartwatch lineup, here’s what we know about this highly anticipated upcoming product.

We will cover the latest Apple Watch Series 9 release date rumors, price, specs, watchOS 10 and more.

What will Apple call the next Apple Watch?

If the Cupertino company follows the trend, Apple will likely name the next Apple Watch the Apple Watch Series 9.

Will there be an Apple Watch Series X instead?

Although rumors claimed that Apple is rPreparing an Apple Watch Series X for 2023the suggestion doesn’t make sense since only the product’s operating system is approaching version 10, but the clock isn’t even ten years old.

However, that doesn’t mean Apple won’t launch an Apple Watch Series X in the future – like it did with the iPhone before. Just don’t expect 2023 to be the year.

Features of the Apple Watch Series 9

watchOS 9.1 featuresImage source: Apple

Previous rumors assume that Apple will stick with the same display size as the Apple Watch Series 7 for another year: 41 mm and 44 mm. With the company now offering a titanium Apple Watch Ultra, the Series 9 will likely come in aluminum and stainless steel options.

At the beginning of the year, BloombergMark Gurman said the Series 9 may have a new processor but no new sensors. Apple is currently working on a blood glucose sensor, but reports say it’s still years away from launch.

Apple Watch Series 9 will come with watchOS 10

Apple Watch Series 9 will feature a new version of watchOS, most likely version 10, due to be announced during WWDC in June. With watchOS 9, Apple has expanded its sleep functionalities, revised Watch Faces and introduced a new medication app.

The company could again overhaul the Watch Faces for this upcoming version to better support Apple Watch Ultra. Some functions, such as B. race track and bike routes, are still limited to a few regions. you can lLearn more about this upcoming operating system here.

release date

If Apple follows the trend, the company could announce the Series 9 during September’s iPhone event. The company has done this several times in the past. After the announcement, the Apple Watch would be available in stores the following week.


With no major changes planned for the Apple Watch Series 9, Apple could likely keep them same prices for the upcoming model. The Apple Watch Series 8 currently starts at $399 with an aluminum body and Wi-Fi only. The stainless steel version starts at $699 with Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity. Both prices are for the 41mm option. As for his bands, Apple will likely charge the same amount as he already does.



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