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Ageless Elegance: Catriona Gray Captivates with Belo’s Thermage FLX

Martin Buxbaum wrote: “Some people never lose their beauty, no matter how old they get.”

As a long-time customer of Thermage FLX, Belo Ambassador Catriona Gray’s bold and unconventional take on beauty fits perfectly with the treatment, making her the perfect complement to the Ambassador. Thermage FLX’s cutting-edge technology matches its advanced, forward-thinking approach to life and cosmetic transformation.

In the field of transformative cosmetics, the name Thermage is synonymous with innovation and rejuvenation. The word “thermo” is derived from the Greek word “thermos” and means “hot” or “warmth”. While the word “age” refers to the process of getting older or the passage of time. The word’s origins combine ancient roots with a modern focus on counteracting the effects of time. The Thermage treatment uses gentle heat technology to stimulate the skin’s natural vitality.

While the Thermage FLX device is available at other clinics, it was first introduced to the country in 2003 by Belo Medical Group. The main difference is that Belo’s medical staff has years of training and experience. This Belo expertise did that Thermage FLX treatment the gold standard in the country. At first glance, the trusted skin specialist paints a grid on the skin to map the surface. Using an ergonomic handpiece, they control an energy delivery system that sends radio frequencies under the skin to stimulate collagen growth. An integrated cooling system balances heat for a comfortable, visible experience backstage filming the treatment.

The latest Thermage FLX device, known for its superior non-surgical facelift, utilizes faster and more accurate technology. Not only limited to the face, neck and eyelids, it can also be applied to the abdomen and arms, providing a firming and toning effect for a porcelain-smooth complexion.

Thermage FLX can be used as early as once a year for impressive results – with no surgery and no downtime. Some choose to add that Exosomes as an adjunct treatment to include the beautification process. It’s undeniable that late nights and early mornings can accelerate the body’s aging process. So while there are both joys and challenges in every life, from building a successful career to raising a young family, there are always solutions to take better care of yourself. Changers on screen and away like Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda, Alden Richards, Kryz Uy and Korina Sanchez favor Thermage as their instant face-sculpting treatment. Younger faces like Bella Racelis, Claudia Barretto, Ivana Alawi and Iñigo Pascual also receive regular Thermage FLX treatments to keep their youthful skin fresh.

Catriona Gray
Powerful beauty queen, life and beauty icon and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is the latest face for Belos Thermage FLX treatment

To book a Thermage FLX Beauty treatment consultation, visit Belo’s official website Here.



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