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A Book Made Of Alan Rickman’s Unfiltered Diary Entries Will Be Coming Out Soon And It Has Some Hilarious Harry Potter Mentions




Alan Rickman is best known for bringing Hogwarts Potions Master Severus Snape to life Harry Potter Franchise. For a decade, fans followed the Half-Blood Prince story as Alan Rickman gave an amazing performance as one of the most important characters in the Harry Potter series.

The actor recently died of pancreatic cancer in 2016, leaving his fans distraught. Now, however, fans will get another chance to hear the voice and thoughts of Alan Rickman as a book compiling his diary entries will be released soon. The book is called Madly, Deeply: The Diaries of Alan Rickman.

One of the entries from the diary reveals that Alan Rickman planned to leave the franchise before the second part AKA Chamber of Secrets even came out. The entry is as follows:

“In conversation with [agent] Paul Lyon-Maris on HP exit, which he thinks is possible. But here we are again in the project collision area. Repeat no more HP. They don’t want to hear it.”

The actor again considered leaving the franchise when Order of the Phoenix was set to begin filming. This time Alan Rickman was forced to leave because of his battle with prostate cancer. His diary entry reads:

“Finally yes to HP 5. The sensation is neither up nor down. The argument that wins is the one that says, “Go through with it. It’s your story.’”

Referring to his little co-star Daniel Radcliffe, Alan wrote, “I still don’t think he’s really an actor, but he will direct/produce no doubt.”

Alan also defined Daniel as “sensitive, articulate and smart”.

At times, working with child actors was also the best part of Alan Rickman’s frustration.

“These kids need direction. They don’t know their lines,” Alan wrote while filming Prisoner of Azkaban.

Referring to Snape’s ending in the books, Alan wrote in 2007: “I finished the last ‘Harry Potter’ book. Snape dies heroically, Potter describes him to his children as one of the bravest men he ever knew and names his son Albus Severus.”

Apparently, JK Rowling had already told Rickman about his character’s hidden motivation, which was to be in love with Lilly Potter. Rickman wrote, “This was a real rite of passage. A little piece of information from Jo Rowling seven years ago – Snape loved Lily – gave me a rock to hold on to.”

The book will be out next month and will include many of Rickman’s other diary entries. The entries are from his time on the set of Harry Potter and both before and after.


‘I’m best friends with my ex and set him up with his new girlfriend’




“At first, Nathan and I didn’t really get along. It wasn’t just rainbows and butterflies, but now we’re hanging out with the kids’ (Image: Mary McDaniel/SWNS)

When 27-year-old Mary McDaniel first split from her ex-partner Nathan Drumm in 2019, they initially struggled to get along.

But after some time apart, an unlikely friendship developed – which helped them better parent their four-year-old son Silas together.

This friendship was important to the mother of three as she was raised by divorced parents who didn’t get along and she didn’t want the same for her son.

She slowly began dating 29-year-old Nathan, a painter and decorator, and gradually rebuilt their friendship.

So much so that the two are now best friends.

The mother, from Indiana, USA, said: “Now our son can still do things with both of us.”

Mary even set Nathan up with her old school friend, 26-year-old hairstylist Shayla Farmer, and the two have been dating for three months. Nathan even takes relationship advice from Mary from time to time.

Mary set her ex up with his new partner (Image: Mary McDaniel/SWNS)

Nathan, also from Indiana, said: “Mary brought Shayla and I together. They went to school together and I saw that she was cute and she helped bring us together.

“Mary and I talk about pretty much everything, there’s nothing off limits.

“We grew up together and got together young, so we’ve known each other pretty much our entire lives.”

“I’m best friends with his new girlfriend and we see each other all the time” (Image: Mary McDaniel/SWNS)

Mary said: “Now it’s over most days. I’m best friends with his new girlfriend and we see each other all the time – even when Nathan isn’t around.’

Nathan will even go to Mary’s house and stay the night on Christmas Eve so Silas will have them both when he wakes up on Christmas Day.

“We’re not sure what we’re going to do this year, we could go to Shayla, but we haven’t decided yet,” Mary said.

“Now it feels like family. We’re hanging out, the three of us’ (Image: Mary McDaniel/SWNS)

Discussing their unlikely friendship, Shayla – Nathan’s friend – explained: “It was kind of weird at first. In previous relationships with men, the ex always treated me like garbage, so it took me a while to get used to that.

“It was difficult for me to give them all my trust. Whenever I had an insecurity, I’ve voiced it and now it feels like family. We’re hanging out, the three of us.”

Mary is much happier with their newfound friendship and has also grown closer to Shayla.

She adds, “The other day Shayla showed me this lingerie outfit that she was going to wear for Nathan and I was like, ‘Yeah, wear that’ – I don’t think a lot of people think that’s normal.”

But obviously this setup works well for them.

The two families (Image: Mary McDaniel/SWNS)

All the healthier now, Nathan is also best friends with Mary’s husband, 27-year-old Josh Sulzen, and the two hang out with their kids.

Mary and Josh, a sprinkler installer, now have two children together: two-year-old Jovie and one-year-old Story.

Josh said, “In the beginning, Nathan and I didn’t really get along. It wasn’t just rainbows and butterflies, but now we’re hanging out with the kids.

Nathan is also friends with Mary’s new husband (Image: Mary McDaniel/SWNS)

But Mary’s ability to maintain a friendship with Nathan and be a successful co-parent has given him a lot of confidence.

“Mary and I just split up so we’re adjusting but hope to be parents together like she and Nathan are doing. We talked about me coming over to wake up the kids on Christmas morning,” he said.

“They all come for Christmas and Easter and such. It’s great that we can all get along and be friends. We talk about everything.’

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Win a Stay at The Prince Akatoki | Swag




The ultra-stylish, minimalist Prince Akatoki, just north of Oxford Street, is an idyllic slice of tranquility away from the chaos that defines Marble Arch any time of the week. The former The Arch has been completely remodeled by Japanese brand Prince Hotels and is the group’s first five-star hotel in the world. The airy space has been redesigned with light woods, soft lighting, cream walls and delicate, decorative accents that create the hotel’s signature tranquil atmosphere.

The design-oriented rooms are deliberately kept simple and equipped with the essentials — a bed, a desk and chairs, a minibar, a TV, and a bathroom with a bathtub — in keeping with the minimalist vibe. But there are many additional elements that make The Prince unique. Expect a yukata robe to relax in, a yoga mat set, MALIN+GOETZ toiletries, evening chamomile in a traditional tea service, free glasses of sake or champagne upon arrival, and free soft drinks in the minibar.

In the evening, treat yourself to dinner at the in-house restaurant TOKii. Inspired by Japanese Flavors combined with international ingredients, dishes at TOKii are prepared with flair to create exciting fusion cuisine. Enjoy lobster croquettes, teriyaki duck breast, grilled robata halibut T-bones and signature sushi. Finally, end your stay with a traditional Japanese breakfast consisting of a tomago omelette, miso soup, rice, steamed vegetables, grilled salmon and egg tofu.

If this sounds like your ideal city break, you’re in luck. We’ve teamed up with The Prince Akatoki to give our INSIDERS the chance to get a FREE night’s hotel accommodation and dinner for two at TOKii. Find out how to win below. MUCH LUCK!


50 Great Cumberland Pl, Marble Arch, London W1H 7FD

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The Best Women’s Vitamins for Energy, According to a Nutritionist




Nowadays, being busy is like a badge of honor. Between work, starting a family and settling in practical self-helpFeeling chronically busy is the only constant in my life. Amid the chaos, I’ve been contemplating my 2023 resolutions. Top of the list? To feel more energetic. This means redefining my career goals, prioritize sleepTake social media breaks and say yes to whatever realistically fits into my schedule.

I will also stock our fridge with it Foods that support energy. And no, that doesn’t include shots from 5-Hour Energy. However, it contains vitamins for women for energy. Packed with essential nutrients, women’s energy vitamins pack a double punch: they fill in all the nutritional gaps and are a safety net when life gets (inevitably) hectic.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

picture of Riley Reed through Jenn Rose Smith

Which Nutrients Are Best For Energy?

The three main nutrients used for energy are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This trifecta makes up our macronutrients. Combined, you help balance blood sugar (very important!), regulate hormones, support the feeling of satiety, build muscle and much more. But of the three, carbohydrates provide the fastest source of energy. Carbohydrates are not to be feared! While keto works for some people, carbs are our preferred source of energy. Once the carbohydrates are used up, we can use protein and fat for energy. In any case, these three are all essential nutrients.

Picture by Michelle Nash

Essential nutrients for women’s energy

Speaking of essential nutrients, let’s dive into the nutrients recommended for women for energy. Below are vitamins and minerals that support overall women’s health. Keep in mind that other nutrients like fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics are also important.

  • B vitamins
  • calcium
  • choline
  • folate/folic acid
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • Vitamin D
  • vitamin E

B vitamins

B vitamins are crucial for energy! We have talked about it before, but B vitamins are necessary to convert food into energy. Dietary sources of B vitamins include animal protein, offal, seafood, legumes, fortified cereals, avocados, and sweet potatoes.


calcium does much more than just build strong bones and teeth. get enough calcium helps keep your heart and muscles strong and may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. As women, we should eat a variety of calcium-rich foods such as leafy greens, high-quality dairy products, non-GMO tofu, nuts, and chia seeds.


Women need choline at all stages of life. However, choline is especially important during pregnancy. Getting enough choline during pregnancy is important as it helps your baby’s brain and spinal cord to develop properly. It can also protect your baby from neural tube defects. Eggs, seafood and liver are particularly high in choline.

folate / folic acid

Every woman needs folate every day unless she is pregnant or breastfeeding. If that’s the case, both require a higher amount. This vitamin helps keep red blood cells healthy and is important for preventing birth defects of the neural tube. Folate is the natural form of vitamin B9 found in food, while folic acid is a synthetic form. Folic acid is found naturally in leafy greens, citrus fruits, berries, nuts and beans.


Iron is one of the few nutrients that women (ages 14 to 50) require in higher amounts than men of the same age. This reduces your risk iron deficiency Anemia. This type of anemia can cause fatigue, weakness, and irritability. Excellent sources of iron are high-quality red meat, poultry, fish, beans, and leafy greens. If you rely on plant sources of iron, try combining them with vitamin C (peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, etc.). This helps with iron absorption.


Magnesium helps regulate many different chemical reactions in a woman’s body. Including, maintain healthy blood sugar, keep muscles and nerves functioning properly and help a woman’s body to produce protein. It’s especially important to get enough magnesium if you’re planning to conceive. Dietary sources of magnesium include whole grains, seeds, nuts, and beans.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another essential nutrient for women. Its meaning is enough, but it works in conjunction with calcium to promote healthy bones. Vitamin D is also involved in cell growth, immune function, and reducing inflammation. Rich sources of vitamin D include oily fish (salmon), mackerel, fortified milk, quality cheese and grass-fed eggs.

vitamin E

Last but not least, vitamin E. vitamin E is important for vision, reproduction and blood, brain and skin health. Vitamin E also has antioxidant properties. Therefore, this vitamin is essential for a healthy immune system. Nuts, seeds, beet greens, squash, sunflower seeds, and other vegetable oils are high in vitamin E.

picture of Suruchi Avasti

Essential vitamins are key to energy production

While Avoiding foods with inflammation and getting enough sleep are important for boosting energy, don’t overlook the power of vitamins for women. You can be a game changer. In addition to energizing foods, consider the women’s vitamins for energy. In many ways, they act as keys to unlocking a more energetic version of yourself.

Here’s the thing: All of our cells need nutrients to create energy. In addition to the need for macronutrients micronutrients are crucial. These include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and water. They are specific fuel for our mitochondria. and mitochondria supply our body with energy in the truest sense of the word. As the power plants of our cells, they break down food molecules. Essentially, think of essential vitamins as the keys that open doors to energy production.

How vitamin deficiency acts like a bottleneck

Let’s say you’re not getting those essential nutrients, that’s something of a traffic bottleneck. A vitamin deficiency impedes one (or more) essential steps in energy conversion. And when that happens, everything moves a little slower. If you think this is happening in your body, a blood test to check your micronutrient levels is very revealing. If you’re lacking in a specific vitamin, it may be time to add in women’s vitamins for energy. Of course, always consult your doctor before adding any new vitamin or supplement to your routine.

Picture by Michelle Nash

How to choose quality vitamins and dietary supplements

Dietary supplements come in many forms (capsules, gummies, etc.) and are marketed as a simple and efficient way to boost your health. And that is true. However, buyers should beware: not all vitamins and dietary supplements are created equal. Also, eating a variety of foods is the best way to ensure you’re getting your vitamin and mineral needs.

Despite it, vitamins and dietary supplements act as insurance. Just look for brands that are transparent about their research and open about the quality of their ingredients. When it comes to women’s energy vitamins, we’ve done the hard work for you! As previously mentioned, consult your doctor before adding any new vitamin or supplement to your routine.

The best vitamins for women for energy

While a wide variety of products, quality protein, and healthy fats are important, multivitamins help ensure you’re getting the right nutrients. Below are the best vitamins for women for energy.

Each product is carefully curated by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

This post was originally published on November 12, 2021 and has since been updated.

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